Elon Musk has promised to demonstrate a working prototype of a humanoid robot in September

Last month, the head of Tesla announced the second Aida event, which was to take place on August 19 this year. It was supposed to demonstrate the company's achievements in the field of artificial intelligence. Changes in its schedule were accompanied by the traditional combination of good and bad news. The latter was to shift the deadline to September 30, but at the same time Tesla promised to demonstrate a working prototype of a humanoid robot Bot (Optimus).

When Elon Musk first talked about plans to produce such robots last year, he promised to demonstrate a workable sample by the end of 2022, and also focus on its development this year in such a way as to put the novelty on the assembly line of the enterprise in Texas in 2023. This week, from his Twitter page, the billionaire said that the AI Day event was postponed to September 30 precisely for the sake of the opportunity to demonstrate a working prototype of the Optimus robot.

Recall that in the original version of the specifications, the Tesla Bot, with a height of 173 cm and a weight of about 57 kg, should have had the ability to lift loads up to 68 kg, but carry no more than 20 kg, and hold even less on outstretched arms — only 4.5 kg. The maximum walking speed will reach 8 km/h. The robot's design will use 40 servos, and the hardware base borrowed from the autopilot of Tesla electric vehicles will allow you to quickly train robots using a proprietary neural network.

It is characteristic that Musk warned particularly suspicious inhabitants in advance about the inability to organize a "machine uprising" by the forces of these robots, and even if there is a threat to human health, the latter will have the opportunity to overcome the machine or escape from it. The first area of application of Tesla Optimus will be the use of robots at an enterprise in Texas, where they will be involved in performing monotonous operations — at first simple and not requiring particularly complex manipulations. For example, they will be entrusted with the movement of goods across the territory, in proportion to their technical capabilities.


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