English Cocker Spaniel - cheerful hunter

The English Cocker Spaniel has a well-developed musculature and a strong, strong body that is well built. They are very agile, nimble and fast dogs. The English Cocker Spaniel breed has a large, properly shaped head and a rectangular muzzle. The dog has round dark eyes and a wide nose, which is black or brown depending on the color of the coat. The look is smart, intelligent and good-natured.

The cocker spaniel has low-set and long ears. They are at eye level on the sides of the head and are covered with a slightly curly, thick coat. These dogs have a great coat of various colors. It is quite long, but very soft and silky to the touch, and has a thick undercoat.

Cocker Spaniels have the longest coat on their chest, legs and belly, and the shortest on their head. The color of the English Cocker Spaniel has many variations. The most common are black, red, sandy, chocolate, and spotted, and there are other variations as well.

This breed is quite compact. The height of the English Cocker Spaniel at the withers is about 40 cm and weighs no more than 15 kg. In the past, dogs of this breed had their tails cropped, but now cropping is out of fashion. The dogs live 14-16 years.

England is the birthplace of this breed. The English Cocker Spaniel is a dog breed that was artificially bred in the early 19th century. Its purpose was to create the perfect hunter. At that time, the breed had very strict standards, which made further breeding very difficult. But today, the requirements imposed on them have changed significantly and have become much softer. That is why the English Cocker Spaniel breed is now widespread and popular throughout the world.

Intelligence and Character of the English Cocker Spaniel

The English Cocker Spaniel is a real hunting dog. Today it is a sporting breed, because the endless energy of this dog is constantly in motion. It is very energetic and impetuous in its movements. The natural playfulness and cheerfulness make these dogs desirable pets for any family, including those with small children. There is no fear that the Cocker Spaniel will bite the child. Also, it should be noted the remarkable sense of smell and sight, which make these dogs good hunters.

The cheerful and playful appearance best conveys the responsive and friendly nature of the English Cocker Spaniel. This breed is great with large families as well as with single people. In a family, the dog chooses one person as his master and has a strong attachment to him. With the rest of the family, the dog will be a friend, but he has only one master.

Despite the fact that today the English Cocker Spaniel dog is more of a house pet, it is still a great hunter. When walking, the cocker spaniel shows his passion for any feathered creatures he meets on his way. The cocker spaniel is a very intelligent and trainable dog. He has no equal in the game, where you have to find or fetch something. It is truly a master of field hunting.

If you have chosen a cocker spaniel as a future pet, note that this dog is sensitive. It will be necessary to refrain from showing harsh negative emotions, as the dog is extremely susceptible to yelling and, of course, it is absolutely impossible to use physical punishment against it. You should treat this breed with love and kindness. The main rule in the training of the pet is the absence of any violence in the process of communication and education. These dogs are very sensitive to human moods.

Cocker spaniel catches commands on the fly, and you do not need a monotonous, repetitive repetition. A moderate amount of patience and persistence is required in training. This dog should not be allowed to ignore commands, because then it will be difficult to correct disobedience. The "carrot" method should be used in training, but not the "stick".

The carrot in this case will be food motivation. Cocker Spaniels love treats and will gladly comply with the requirements, just to get a reward. In training it is necessary to encourage, to form habits during games, as well as civilized ways to express displeasure. This approach will make an obedient puppy. While learning commands in the apartment, it is necessary to carry out their fixation in the street.

It is not recommended to leave the dog alone for a long time, cocker spaniels do not tolerate loneliness. Otherwise, the pet will spoil its character, it will go wild and become embittered. But the main thing is to love your dog, play with him and take care of him. Then you will have a happy and joyful dog. Cocker Spaniel is one of the most intelligent breeds, he understands everything and reciprocates.

Cocker spaniel puppies are usually born at the age of 1.5 months. From that moment, the baby should be taught the rules of conduct in the apartment. It is necessary to establish prohibitions. Of course, the cocker spaniel is an intelligent dog, but it will not learn the rules and form habits without proper training.


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