"Eternal Chancellor": A monument to Angela Merkel on horseback was erected in Germany

In the Upper Palatinate in eastern Bavaria on October 9 there was a grand opening ceremony of a sculpture dedicated to Angela Merkel, who is retiring from politics. This was reported by the German portal Der Spiegel.


The work of sculptor Wilhelm Koch depicts the Chancellor on horseback. The author depicted Merkel, sitting on a horse without a saddle and without reins, and the sculptor arranged the politician's hands in her trademark gesture. The sculpture is life-size and 2.7 meters tall.


Merkel told what she will do after leaving the post of Chancellor

Merkel said what she would do after leaving the post of Chancellor


"Regardless of politics, Mrs. Merkel is an icon. Almost everyone knows the details of this icon: her hair, her clothes, her posture and her hands. When we loaded Mrs. Merkel in front of the museum on Thursday, a woman on the side of the road recognized her immediately and laughed heartily," the author explained.


Koch added that the monument has no pedestal and so the sculpture has been "stripped of its monumentalism" which, in the author's opinion, reflects the flexible political line of the "eternal Chancellor".


Earlier Life reported that in Germany released gold coins with Merkel. For a souvenir, made on the occasion of the departure of the Chancellor from politics, it is offered to pay 49 euros


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