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The internet is a place where people can communicate with each other all over the world. Can be through text, images, video, or audio through a network that is connected. blogs, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Vidtube, Joox, Spotify. Many common terms that we often hear. To access internet sites, you need a browser. Many browsers have been created with different programs. But every browser has advantages and disadvantages. Among those we know are :

A. Firefox

Firefox has advantages in security which is quite high. Then nothing can easily affect the data.. This browser has a Cookie, Fingerprint and Crypto Mining System. So it is able to track internet traffic. In addition, the features are also complete. Make people can do various things there. Such as Spell Check and Bookmark. But it has drawbacks during the update process because you have to download the latest version of the software. So we have to wait a long time for installation. Maybe other browsers only need a few minutes in the update process.

B. Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer has the advantage of a simple display so it is light to run compared to other browsers. This certainly makes it easier for anyone who is new to browsers. There are no features to confuse people. But it has flaws in Javascript support. We cannot write Javascript code in it. Even if it can, the process will be slow.

C. Opera Mini

Opera Mini has the advantage of fast video playback. Because of the minimalist design. even if the internet is getting a bad signal due to the weather outside. In addition, this browser saves data in use. We don't have to worry about so much data flow being used. But it has drawbacks in high ram consumption. Makes some phones have to have certain problems.

D. UC Browser

UC Browser has the advantage of blocking certain ads. We can set it in the settings. With a system called AdBlock. Apart from disturbing the view. Ads can also take us to other sites. This browser will automatically close the gap for the ad itself. But it has flaws in the displayed image because it is not clear.

The internet has helped humans in many ways, for example business, education, research, entertainment, and so on. Since it first appeared in 1969. The Internet has contributed significantly to life. Many things at this time have emerged because of the presence of the internet. Some examples are :

A. Ebay

One of the leading online selling assets pioneered by jack ma. Remotely people can choose what they want in one application. Although the goods can not arrive within 1 day. This really makes it easy for anyone to shop.

B. E-Learning

Online learning where people can meet face to face from a distance. From here people communicate no longer through chat media. While studying together the subject matter. Like in class

C. Netflix

Provides free streaming service for a monthly fee. There are many things that we can watch here from year to year over time. Only by spending money of 120,000 per month. Like watching a bunch of movies from Disney, Marvel, and DC Comics.

D. We Comic

A center where people can read a collection of comics from various sources. By only requiring a little internet quota. Anyone can read their favorite comics organized into categories online. Even we can download it if we want.

Although the internet is not free because it is not privately owned by individuals. The internet does not give people difficulties in surfing the virtual world. For android users they have to pay a Sim Card fee per package. Here are the average card fees :

A. Telkomsel

3GB internet quota per month is 34,000


3GB internet quota per month is 56,000

C. Axis

3GB internet quota per month is 40,000

For PC users themselves they have to recharge the Modem. Modem stands for modulator demodulator. Function to convert analog signal to digital.

Sometimes people choose to use Wifi even though sometimes it runs slowly. Because Wifi is proven to be free for anyone and anywhere. They are willing to look for a building where Wifi is available. Usually in the office or school area. Although they may have difficulty in finding a signal. Wifi is a local area network that does not require cables. But the range is not wide. There is no limit to the use of Wifi because Wifi is already specified in the form of a package. Indihome, for example, if people install it in their house, people only have to pay 340,000 per month. And after that, people can use the internet as they please without running out of quota. And can be used by many people.

Browser internet sites are written with HTML programs. HTML or short for hypertext markup language is a computer language that contains a lot of program code. It is no longer assembly language but is a language that is close to human language. Some examples of HTML code :

A. Symbol / and letters to set the writing

/p - for paragraphs

/t - for tabs

/n - for new line

B. < > symbol for sentence delimiter

- to set width

- to set the length

For beginners you can use notepad if you want to try it. for those who are proficient can use the Dreamweaver application which has the ability to create a web that is more consistent with the editor available in it. Even though Dreamweaver is paid. Currently based on the times. There is Javascript which is HTML complement code in addition to CSS. Where CSS itself plays a role in shaping the design of HTML. So web pages can appear better with Javascript.Javascript is an extension of the Java language.

Sometimes it is not uncommon to find advertisements on the internet. Advertising aims to increase income or as a promotion. Google Adsense is probably what people know as a form of advertising that is intentionally planted on the internet. Advertising belongs to the google company. Which is proven to be able to increase the income of the company itself. When people click on an ad and view it. Even though his presence was disturbing the view.

Internet itself the process is controlled by the server. Server is a central service provider that has a hand in managing all internet traffic. Because there are a lot of servers, people don't have to worry if the server in one place goes down.

Hack is what people usually call to hack a network on the internet. Why it can be hacked is because it is Open Source. In the sense that anyone can write freely there. In Open Source people do not need permission at all if you want to code. Therefore some applications install a fairly high security system. A breach of security can lead to data loss and the entry of virus. Although not many people can do it.


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