Fastest production pickup: Dodge Ram SRT-10

Perhaps you do not like pickup trucks, they seem too simple, not elegant, not fast - kind of workhorses. Then you just need to get acquainted with one such "simpleton". Dodge Ram Pickup 1500 SRT-10 undoubtedly deserves close attention of fans of thrills.
Already approaching the automobile, one feels shock of dimensions and power of this monster. More than two meters in width, almost two meters in height and five meters in length - yes, the dimensions are impressive! Especially on the road among the traffic, it certainly stands out.
Production of this model began in 2004 in Mexico, and at the same time it was included in the Guinness Book of Records as the fastest production truck (over 248 km/h).
Despite the fact that Dodge has such a considerable size, it is built in proportion, and looks very handsome. The door opens easily, softly enough, in the interior you will be met with black leather panelling, strangely curved lever of 6-speed gearbox, generous inlays in metallic colors and, as in any sports car - aluminum plates on the pedals and white on black dials of devices.
The driver's seat with various electric adjustments can be tilted with a mechanical flag. Pedal height and steering wheel tilt can also be adjusted to your taste and weight - even a thin person and a very fat person will be comfortable behind the wheel. In a fairly wide armrest there is an opportunity to store all sorts of small things, it can also be transformed into an additional seat (but it's not very convenient, because the gearbox will be between the legs of the passenger). On the back wall there are 6 hooks to hang your clothes.
When you start the engine with the big red button, you'll hear a growl, but then a quiet low engine sound at idle. The engine is equipped with a mechanical supercharger, among other "tricks." The 500 horsepower moves the pickup smoothly and surprisingly easily, and the pedals are comfortable and clear. Driving a pickup does not take getting used to, you just need to get used to its size, and the drivers of nearby cars should not turn their heads when they hear the roar of your thoroughbred giant. When approaching a traffic light it is also not deprived of attention, making a characteristic sound. In general, city roads are not for this Dodge, its element is a highway. Accelerating, the pickup presses the driver into a seat, pumps a lot of adrenaline and desire to drive non-stop into his blood. Brakes work perfectly and predictably.
There are also disadvantages: at high directional stability and maneuverability the suspension is very rigid, therefore all bumps are received by the steering wheel and the body, and the roll in the turns is rather steep.
However it behaves perfectly as a truck on a good highway and can give a head start to any abrupt car. This car is for you, speed, power and big size lovers!


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