Film shows concealed posse breaking into family home with screwdrivers and driving off with Audi

Film shows a pack of veiled hoodlums grasping screwdrivers crawling around a parlor searching for the keys to an Audi RS6 as a family dozes higher up. 


The men, every single wearing balaclava, creep quietly around kids' toys and as they look for vehicle keys in the attack, which occurred in Olton at 4am on Monday, October 4. 


A couple and their youngsters, matured four and 11 months, are sleeping soundly higher up unconscious of the hazardous interlopers prowling in their home. 


They find keys to two vehicles before rapidly rearranging out and heading out with the 2016 Audi worth £50,000, which the family just purchased toward the finish of August. 


The vehicle was found hours after the fact by police and was by and large forensically inspected. 


The dad, 34, said he found the robbery when he went down the stairs to set up his little girl's milk and seen a few entryways open. 


In the wake of really looking at the cameras, he said seeing the men in his home had left them froze and considering what might have occurred. 


He said: "I thought: 'Say thanks to God they didn't come higher up'. It's so startling and stunning to see. 


"We are both in a condition of shock are as yet handling it. 


"It's awful - it makes you can't help thinking about what might have occurred in the event that they had come higher up." 


The dad said: "I came down the stairs to get some milk for my girl at around 6.20am and saw the blinds to the back French entryways had been pulled back, I explicitly recall shutting them the prior night. 


"At the point when I looked carefully, the two entryways were open. I did a speedy check around the house to check in case anything was absent." 


It was the point at which he considered his better half that the couple saw one of their vehicles was absent from the carport. 


They educated the police who, with the assistance of a following organization, thought that it is in Moseley. 


West Midlands Police said: "We followed a taken vehicle after it had been deserted in Harrisons Pleck, Moseley, following a theft prior a similar morning, October 4. 


"The vehicle was seized for scientific assessment and we're doing encourage enquiries." 


It was the most recent in a progression of rates where weapon-using gatecrashers have entered homes and, now and again, actually assaulted inhabitants for Audis.


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