Five popular mistakes women make that ruin the beauty of their skin

5 mistakes a woman makes while taking care of her skin:

1. Not protecting her skin from the sun. More than 90% of signs of aging and skin damage are a direct result of being in the sun without proper protection. That's why the doctor recommends using sunscreen containing SPF more often.

2. Excessive washing of the skin. Our skin contains essential natural oils and proteins. Using exfoliating products and detergents can strip it of this protective barrier and cause many problems. The expert advises cleansing your face once a day, at night with a mild cleanser, and avoiding facial scrubs, long hot showers that dry out the skin.

3. Squeezing pimples. Some people have a manic passion for squeezing pimples and picking at them. This is a mistake that creates even more problems. If one wants quicker results than creams, the expert advises lasers and LED therapy, which are safe and effective for acne.

4. Uses unsuitable cosmetics. Skin care requires an individual approach. Advertising cosmetic products promise miracles, but they may not work for you. Instead of trying to experiment, it is better to ask for help from a professional who can examine your skin and give the right advice.

5. Hop on a diet. Studies have shown that avoiding gluten or dairy products does not improve the appearance of your skin or cure psoriasis, blackheads, eczema and so on. Another myth is that drinking a lot of water makes your skin look younger and smooths out wrinkles.


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