For the first time in a decade: SpaceX launched a Ukrainian satellite into space

The launch took place from the U.S. Space Force base at Cape Canaveral in Florida. The separation of the satellite from the rocket and its entry into orbit took place at 18:50 Kiev time.Earlier, the head of the State Space Agency, Vladimir Taftay, told in an interview with the EP that the satellite would operate for three years.


The satellite is a modification of Cich-2, launched in 2011. Its total mass is about 210 kg, including 40 kg of payload. The development of Cich-2-30 began in 2017 at the Yuzhnoye Design Bureau named after M.K. Yangel. 


The satellite is designed to take digital photos of the Earth's surface and monitor the ionosphere.

A reminder:


On Thursday, January 13, at 17:30 Kiev time is scheduled to launch the Falcon 9 rocket company SpaceX - the rocket will be the carrier for the Ukrainian optical satellite Cich 2-30.


It was reported that Ilon Musk's SpaceX company postponed the launch of the Ukrainian satellite Sich 2-30, scheduled for December, to January.


The total cost of launching a Ukrainian satellite "Sich 2-30" by SpaceX company of Ilon Musk will cost the State Space Agency of Ukraine 1.99 million dollars.


SE "Yuzhnoye" Design Bureau named after M.K. Yangel" signed a contract with European company ISILAUNCH (has an agreement with SpaceX) to launch into orbit the "Sich-2-30" spacecraft.


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