France will create reusable mini-missiles - Macron

France has to create mini reusable space launchers by 2026. President Emmanuel Macron said this on Tuesday, Oct. 12, speaking at the Elysee Palace to present the new investment program France-2030.

"France needs to take its rightful place in the new trends in space exploration, in the so-called new space. It must ensure a new level of sovereignty in this area and develop advanced technologies. In this regard, it faces a number of short-term goals. First and foremost is the creation of mini-launchers for reusable spacecraft. We hope to reach this goal in 2026," said Macron, who was broadcasted on the Elysee Palace's Twitter page.

He called the development and use of micro- and mini-satellites, the creation of new generations of orbital spacecraft constellations as other important tasks. The country is also to develop new services in the space field.

"France should remain a pioneering country in innovation. Our history is the realization of the most incredible scientific and space visions", stressed the President.

Recall that two years ago Emmanuel Macron announced the creation of a national space command within the country's air force.

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