Fred Dinenage to leave ITV Meridian at Christmas

After almost forty years, one of ITV's longest serving territorial reporters, Fred Dinenage is to leave ITV News Meridian at Christmas. 


Fred said: "After right around 38 years co-introducing the ITV six o'clock show in the south and south east I've at long last chosen to hang up my amplifier. 


"It's been a truly extreme choice however I currently need to put in a couple of years with my significant other, Beverley, and our three canines enjoying the scenery in my nursery and investing energy in the mountains of Austria. 


"I will be proceeding with my wrongdoing projects and ITV's The ticket! what's more, composing books, 


counting one as of late appointed." 


I've been so fortunate in my life and profession - 58 years working relentless on provincial and organization programs with ITV and I've been honored by having a genuinely extraordinary family. 


Fred Dinenage on leaving ITV Meridian 


"However, presently I feel it is the perfect opportunity to continue on. I will miss my dear co-moderator, Sangeeta, 


furthermore, my associates at ITV Meridian appallingly. Furthermore, obviously, I will miss our awesome watchers who have given me such staggering adoration and support for so long. 


"I've been so fortunate in my life and profession - 58 years working constant on provincial and organization programs with ITV and I've been honored by having a genuinely uncommon family.  Along these lines, to everybody - much obliged." 


During his profession Fred has introduced territorial projects made by Southern TV furthermore, its replacement TVS, including Tell the Truth and Coast to Drift. 


During the 1970s he covered territorial game for Yorkshire TV and proceeded to have the organization ITV Saturday afternoon show World of Sport, a job that saw him cover two Olympic Games. 


Fred turned into an easily recognized name on the kids' TV programme How? and just last year showed up in each scene of another series of the show, made for CITV. 


Fred has moored the 6pm leader provincial news program across the South of Britain since the time 1983 working with moderators like Plant Britton, Debbie Hurler and Natasha Kaplinsky. 


For the beyond 12 years Fred has co-facilitated ITV News Meridian with Sangeeta Bhabra, who Fred portrays as "the most heavenly individual to work with." 


Fred has been the best educator and co-moderator. I generally realized this day would come and though I'm really glad that Fred will invest more energy with his family and doing the things he adores, I will miss him greatly alongside the Meridian group and our watchers. 


Sangeeta Bhabra, ITV Meridian moderator. 


Fred and Sangeeta had to become acclimated to an alternate method of working when the UK was put into lockdown in Walk 2020. 


Fred, telecommuting went through months chipping away at the 'Every day Dinenage' section for the leader 6pm program, regularly including his canine Dave Dinenage. 


It was hard for Fred to be away from the studio for such a long time, yet he stayed on our screens with his recognizable mind and polished skill. In July 2020, Fred and Sangeeta were brought together indeed at Fred's home in Hampshire. 


Fred has won RTS grants for a significant number of the news programs he has chipped away at and in 2010 was given a MBE for administrations to broadcasting. 


Fred has covered numerous legitimate issues during his profession, from the homicide of Sarah Payne, to the Salisbury Novichok poisonings and the 75th Commemoration of D-Day. 


Fred has additionally talked with high profile individuals in legislative issues, amusement and game, from Tony Blair to Woman Vera Lynn and The Beatles. 


Honoring Fred, Head of ITV News and Current Issues Michael Jermey said 


"Fred has had one of the most noteworthy TV vocations of anybody in the historical backdrop of the medium. 


A natural and exceptionally famous presence on our screens for above and beyond 50 years he has outlived practically the entirety of his companions. 


There are watchers, who as youngsters, delighted in watching Fred present How! during the 1960s, who are presently themselves resigned. 


"Numerous ages of ITV watchers in the south of Britain have invited Fred into their homes each evening as the moderator of the nearby ITV territorial news. He'll be extraordinarily missed on the daily program. We will not presently see him on television consistently however we will anticipate a periodic appearances that Fred expects to keep on making. 


"Fred has been a superb companion to such countless individuals at ITV as the years progressed. We hope everything works out for him just for what's to come." 


Fred has consistently brought outright commitment, warmth and top notch news-casting to our lead 6pm projects making it the honor winning achievement it is. He has been a phenomenal associate and companion to me over numerous years and a wonderful support and motivation to innumerable individuals. I will miss him enormously and wish him well as he invests more energy unwinding with his family 


Fellow Phillips, Manager of ITV Local News 


The Head of Information at ITV Meridian, Alison Decent, has worked with Fred for the last sixteen a long time. 


He is an outright expert who is adored by the individuals who watch our show and his colleagues. Fred is a similar individual off screen as he is on.  He is warm and mindful and possesses energy for everybody in the team. Fred is a splendid writer and moderator and we will all miss him definitely. 


Alison Decent, Head of Information, ITV Meridian 


Fred will pass on ITV Meridian in December to invest more energy with his family and to chip away at different activities.


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