Friends of Galina Hutchins, who died in the shooting, shared their memories of her

"I can tell you that she really loved her job, she really loved her son and her husband. Of course, she dreamed of being an operator, as far as I know. She didn't tell me about it, but the way she persevered in pursuing her goals and the love she had for everything she did testified to that," said producer Nadezhda Guselnikova.


She noted that the death of Hutchins is a great loss for everyone who knew her personally, for Hollywood, as well as for the cinema in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.


In turn, Oksana Stefanishina, a friend and former classmate of Hutchins from Odessa, said that she had known Hutchins for about 20 years. According to her, she was a loving mother and wife, and all her free time - as a cameraman and a cameraman working - she devoted to her family. At the same time, her spouse supported her in everything.


"When we first graduated from university and she was leaving for the United States, she asked me what to bring from the States. I told her: "An Oscar. Become a famous cameraman and bring me an Oscar." We laughed at the time, of course. It sounded unrealistic at the time, but I believed that she could do a lot," she said.

Earlier, on 22 October, the parents of murdered Hutchins demanded to punish those responsible for the tragedy. Anatoly and Olga Andrusiewicz, who live in Ukraine, are trying to leave for the United States, but Olga does not have the necessary documents.


On October 21, Alec Baldwin shot one of the scenes and wounded two people, Hutchins and director Joel Sousa. The cameraman was seriously injured, she was taken by helicopter to the local trauma center, where she died.


The actor stated that he is cooperating with the investigation and is in deep shock over what happened. On October 23, he attended the farewell ceremony for the deceased.


It is known that before the incident with Baldwin, the gun on the set "accidentally" shot twice. The actor's understudy accidentally fired two shots on Saturday, October 16, after he was told there was no ammunition in the gun.


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