From Rocket Science to Electric Cars: Unpacking the Genius of Elon Musk

Most very successful entrepreneurs are crazy. Insanely positive, risk-takers, ridiculous self-belief.

From among all the billionaire entrepreneurs Musk stands out as being on another level of positive, risk tolerance, and self-belief.

In my view, that’s his key difference. He’s no smarter, no more hard-working than the rest. But he’s got that extra oomph.

The fact that he ran out of personal cash funding two insane ventures - trying to colonise Mars, and trying to beat BMW, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, VW to electric cars from a small company that had only produced a shoddy electric roadster before - says it all…

1995 — Applied to Netscape for a job and got rejected

1996 — Was forced out of his CEO position from his own company Zip2

1998 — Struggled to make PayPal succeed

1999 — Almost died when he crashed his $1M Mclaren F1

2000 — Was kicked out of Paypal while on his honeymoon

2000 — Got sick with malaria

2001 — Russia refused to sell him a rocket

2006 — First SpaceX rocket launched failed

2007 — Second SpaceX rocket failed

2008 — Third SpaceX rocket failed with NASA satellites onboard!

2009 — Tesla almost went bankrupt.

2013 — First rocket landing failed

2014 — Several Tesla Model S caught on fire

2015 — Four rocket landings failed

2016 — Model X deliveries delayed over a year

2016 — 300M Facebook satellite rocket launch exploded

2018 — Broke the internet when he took a puff of cannabis on a live show.

2018 — The SEC filed a lawsuit against Musk

2019 — Model 3 deliveries were delayed

2020 — TESLA stock became the most shorted stock in history

To answer  your question, what do I like about Elon Musk?

I admire this man’s courage and relentless character.

While most of his critics would shrink before small obstacles in life, we can't deny that this man has proven to be an unstoppable genius of our era!


Elon Musk is without a doubt one of the most noteworthy and intriguing people within recent memory. He is a visionary business person, a trailblazer, and a daring individual, who has upset different enterprises and made new ones. His organizations, like Tesla, SpaceX, and The Exhausting Organization, are at the very front of advancement and are impacting the world as far as we might be concerned.


Musk's innovative excursion is portrayed by his determined quest for his objectives, his capacity to imagine greater possibilities and act strongly, and his readiness to go ahead with reasonable courses of action. His vision for an economical future, where environmentally friendly power and electric transportation are the standard, is a motivation to many.


Be that as it may, his prosperity has not come without debate, and he has confronted analysis for his administration style and a portion of his activities. Regardless, his achievements are unquestionable, and his effect on the world will keep on being felt long into the future.


All in all, Elon Musk is a genuine trailblazer, a disruptor, and a visionary. His enthusiasm for development and manageability has prompted the production of notable innovations that can possibly influence the world. His effect on the business world, the tech business, and the eventual fate of mankind is significant, and his inheritance will be associated with ages to come.


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