Gadgets for the 21st century that control your health

Gadgets for the 21st century, which monitor your health.

Due to the progress of new technologies and better equipment nowadays a person can control his health with the help of gadgets and special devices. Here are technological gadgets that help monitor physical and mental health.


A timer that reminds you to drink water

Since it is necessary to consume a sufficient amount of water in order to maintain the important functions of the body, the Ulla device in the form of a device attached to the bottle was created. With the help of a flashing light that reminds you to take a few sips, it is possible to regularly maintain the necessary level of fluid in the body.


Recall that for each person the daily norm of water consumption is individual and depends on age, weight, metabolic rate, physical activity and other factors. Basically, a person needs to drink 2-3 liters of water a day.


Health Tracker Ring

Oura's miniature biological process tracker ring regularly records heartbeat, body temperature, and tracks sleep phases. In addition, the device detects human biological rhythms, which allows you to build the most useful regime of the day, get more sleep, fix the time of waking up and going to bed. Another useful function of the ring is a pedometer, reflecting daily physical activity. This year, the NBA purchased this gadget to monitor the health of basketball players.


The Feelzing Patch

The Feelzing patch, attached behind the ear, activates the brain in five minutes through microcurrents and vibration. In addition, it is considered harmless, unlike caffeine and energy drinks. The patch guarantees an energy boost for four hours, and each patch can be used twice in 24-hour intervals. Also, it increases concentration and improves sleep.


Alcohol Monitoring Wristband

Since there are cases when on their own it is not possible to limit their alcohol consumption, created a bracelet ION, which looks like an ordinary pedometer or watch. When a person consumes alcohol, a certain amount of alcohol is metabolized and excreted in the form of sweat through the pores of the skin, and the device scans the sweat every half hour and transmits all the data to the application, which can be installed by the gadget owner himself or his relatives. Monitoring loved ones who have the app installed can keep a person from having an extra glass of wine.


Stress Relief Hoop

The Muse head hoop has a brain state recognition feature. As it is specified, it is a miniature electroencephalograph, which registers and measures fluctuations of ionic current voltage in the neurons of the brain. The gadget converts the signals into relaxing music or wind noise, and in case of irritation, the device will suggest you to do simple exercises or take a test to distract yourself. The gadget will also help you let go of your thoughts while meditating, relax, and keep a positive attitude throughout the day.


Office Foot Trainer

An essential item for people with a sedentary lifestyle. HOVS is designed for office workers. Foot rest is hinged to the desk or to a special leg restraint structure by means of a rope. As you place your feet on the trainer, your lower body begins to move, maintaining balance. According to research by the University of Illinois Mayo Clinic, this mini-trainer actually increases mobility and helps burn significantly more calories, and unlike sitting in a chair, it allows you to move without distraction, improves circulation, and has a positive effect on joint and spine health.


Smart Mirror.

Every morning the device on the CareOS platform will remind about the necessary morning procedures, and also will give a make-up lesson, make a mark in the calendar of the women's cycle, will measure the temperature, will check the condition of the skin and will give tips on its care. In this way, a person can get a basic daily indication of their health status, which is reflected in their skin. Thanks to facial recognition technology, the device will not share data with other family members.


We will remind, earlier it became known how to make beautiful cheekbones with the help of a beauty gadget.


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