Game is the destruction to inner peace

Game is an activity that involves two or more separate parties in group, one opposing the other.

   The game can be played in a relationship, wrestling, football, court etc. The winner of the game is tag winner. When is played in the wrestling there's a prize of world cup for the winner. When it is played in football there's also a prize of world belt to the winner. But when it is played in a court and in a relationship there's sorrow in the minds of the victims. The court victims admit sorrow of charges. While in relationship, the victims gain heartbreak.

   The inner peace is destroy by game. When an opponent win in a combat, the failure always live in pain, when a team in a football club played against its opponent and misses goals, the supporters of the club will have no joy. Game in a relationship is a distruction, it may leads the victim to untimely death. A lady that put her trust and love to a guy, little did she knew that the man is married with five kids. Such is an heartbreak to the lady.

   Not any game you see you want to participate. Not any relationship you see you want to hook yourself into. Many are in pains because of untrusted relationship. Many are in 6feet because of the so called game. Be wise! Don't put your trust in game. Anything game is unreal. 



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