General Motors unveils three electric motors for future fuel-free cars

General Motors at the Mackinac Policy conference in Michigan (USA) unveiled three Ultium Drive electric motors for the concern's fuel-free vehicles.


The first electric motor on permanent magnets develops 180 kW (245 hp) of power, it is designed for installation on the front axle of cars. The second motor uses the same technology, but its output is higher - 255 kW (347 hp). In addition, it is designed for cars with all-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive, but the number of such motors in one car cannot exceed three. The third electric motor is made according to a slightly different technology. It is asynchronous and develops 62 kW (84 hp), and GM intends to use it as an additional motor in all-wheel drive vehicles. Along with the traction electric motors, an electric module is also introduced, which includes an inverter, power circuits and charger.


GM's new electric motors are 50% lighter and 25% more powerful than their predecessors, with the most productive 347-hp version already tried out on the fuel-free Hammer EV. However, the concern is not going to limit itself with heavy battery SUVs and pickups and will install the new electric motors on cars with different types of bodies. They will soon be fitted to the Cadillac Lyriq, a luxury, fuel-free parkcar the brand has been taking orders for since last week, and later will be fitted to cars with other body types, including sports cars.


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