Giving Up? Easy said Than Done

In modern days, the youth and the entire population face a common enemy. Including you and I. And that is...Ourselves.

Now just hear me out.

Our biggest challenges come not from external factors but from within.

There's this thing called the comfort zone. Most people dwell in this zone most of if not all their lives.

The comfort zone is not really a physical, spiritual nor emotional state. But instead, a mental state.

When you have goals, ones you so desperately want to achieve. Your brain goes rebellious and tries to persuade you to take the easy route. That's just how the brain is wired. It tries to protect you. But this is not always a good thing.

Thus, you find yourself second guessing your choices and before you know it, your ambitions are in the trash.

So how can you escape this destructive habit?

One way is to set goals. Yes! Setting goals! But don't get me wrong, it's okay to have over the top kind of goals, just narrow them down into smaller milestones.

Once you've done that, narrow them even further. This shows your brain that it's not as impossible as it might seem when you pile it all together into one huge goal.

Now it's one thing to set a goal, but How do you actually achieve it? How do you get started?

Well, it might surprise you to learn that it all depends on what you want in the end. It's easy to fret bout the process when not putting into perspective on what's more important. The RESULTS!


Giving up is outright self jeopardy. It's putting yourself in a situation that's very difficult to get out of. One of my favourite quotes is.

"If you give up, you get nothing. And it doesn't matter because whether you persevere or not, the time will pass anyway."

So why not try anyway?

Now, I like to define that act of quiting as lack of self belief. It means you don't want to go on because you think you're failure.

Take a moment to process these words. What do your dreams mean to you? Can you live without fulfilling them? If you die today, would you regret not going after them? 

These questions set the foundations for your house. Your house of self realization. These were the same questions I asked myself years ago while persuing my perfect career.

It's not always easy. Most things that are worth it aren't. Never! It's all up to you to decide how to live your life.

Giving up on the best will get you nothing but the scraps, the leftovers of people who had the guts to do what you didn't.

They say it's never too late. But is this really true? If you ask me, sometimes it is. Most of the times, you realize too late that you had the potential but what happened? 

But I would encourage you to go after things that are worth it in the end. Don't stay at the same boring job all in the name of not giving up. See what I mean?

So what will you do next? Make your choice.


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