Google Live Translation Feature Goes Live in Beta for Select Paid Tiers

International teams that use Google Meet a lot have a new tool in their arsenal - the app can now generate live translated captions. Google announced the rollout of live translated captions in Meet. When the feature is on, the app will automatically translate spoken language into another language, and produce captions on the fly. Initially, the feature only supports English meetings which can be translated to Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German.


What is Google Meet?

Meet is a popular software application that enables company or team meetings to be streamed in a real-time meeting room. It comes pre-installed on all new Google phones, and makes it easier to invite new people into the video conference. It's like Apple FaceTime, except you don't need to have any other video chat app installed, and you can customize the interface to fit any group of people. In January, the search engine giant added the ability to have real-time video translation and captions on Meet - even when you're not logged into a Meet account. Live Translation on Meet by Google When the feature is on, the app will automatically translate spoken language into another language, and produce captions on the fly.


What is the new feature?

The captions in Google Meet are generated as you speak, on the fly, in real-time. The transcription is also kept in the form of searchable transcripts in Google Drive. For privacy reasons, the captions in Meet will be truncated in the audio file, so you don't lose the context of the conversation. When will it be available? "This is a beta feature, so we will be releasing it on a very limited basis, for English only for the time being," Google said in a blog post. "We will be gathering feedback from you over the next few weeks as we iterate and refine the product, and will also be working with our partners in this space on how to make the experience better," it added. However, Google says that all existing users of Google Meet will be automatically updated.


Who does it support?

Existing users from the "Meet > Spanish" and "Meet > German" plans will be able to test this feature, starting today. It is a limited preview that will be available for the "Pro > Standard" plan users. To enable it, users need to update their app to the latest version. The feature will roll out to all users over the coming weeks.


How to use it?

The feature can be switched on from the overflow menu in the audio options (a gear icon), where you can switch the "English only" option to "English with live captions". It's free, and will be rolled out globally, Google said in a blog post.



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