Google Pixel 6 Japanese TV ad drops, and it's full of widgets

As we head into October, Google keeps to sell its upcoming Pixel 6 phone weeks before its expected professional release date. This week, The organisation released a Google Pixel 6 japanese tv advert that tries to make the case that this telephone will stand proud of the crowd of handsets.


The ad suggests an on-screen widget for controlling tune. It consists of to and fro icons on the sides, a pause button on the lowest, and what looks like some type of play button inside the center. We also see a quantity control widget and one that indicates the artist’s name and name, at the side of its very own manage icons. It’s unknown if the Pixel 6 will launch with this kind of UI.


The advert additionally indicates other widgets, together with a clock, one for displaying the modern-day weather, one for pix, and a message notification icon. Of path, there’s additionally a study the smartphone’s new Tensor processor, and its rear digital camera bump.


 In Japan, Google gave away thousands of snack chip luggage as a part of a Pixel 6 promotion. It’s possibly that we are able to get even extra commercials for the handset before its release. It’s rumored that Google may want to in the end take pre-orders for the Pixel 6 on October 19.


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