Have you noticed that people of faith have not read the Bible?

It has been observed that people who are deep and fiercely religious have never read the Bible, and if they have, they have never thought deeply into what is written, leaving the explanations of slippery points to theologians of all stripes and sincerely believing in their interpretation of what is written.

There are so many translations of the Bible. Naturally, in the course of history, much has been cleaned up to suit the spirit of history, much has been corrected at the hand of rulers and politicians, and much has been misunderstood. But even with this (or maybe because of it), there are still plenty of gaps and blank spots in the book.

Theologians all over the world believe and persistently (I won't dare say it) impose their opinion of the writing of the Great Book on others. They say that the book was written by people of different estates, at different times, but only under the dictation of the Almighty.

Most of all they stress the so-called Pentateuch of Moses, where he even contrived to describe his own funeral.

So why don't believers ever read the Bible: no time? Not interested? Bored? Not understandable?

Why do they rely on theologians to explain everything to them? After all, everyone must read this monument to human folly in our reality. Of course, this is just our opinion.

But in a world where God is remembered through words, where all deeds are covered by his name, where church is mixed with politics, and politics with faith, in a world where wars are blessed and virtue is smeared, taking it for weakness and poked at this or that place in the Bible, taking words out of context - we think that it is not out of place to read it and know at least the main points of it.

Don't take anyone's word for it, don't believe me, don't believe the priests and their minions. Open up this creation and make your own conclusions.


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