Holidays in Baikal!

Meet the New Year at Lake Baikal will be an original decision, let's see what to do on Baikal in winter?

New Year holidays in Baikal, what to do?

Meet the New Year 2022 at Baikal in Listvyanka. People come here to enjoy the fresh mountain air and white snow. There are usually lavish festivities and fireworks in the village. Here you can go sledding with dogs, snowmobiling, fishing.

Walks on the ice of the lake. The ice season begins in mid-February and lasts until mid-April. Tourists take jeep rides on the ice, go ice skating, snowmobiling, and cross-country skiing.

Go ice fishing.

Swim in hot springs in Severobaikalsk. Bathing helps to restore health.

Go skiing or snowboarding in Baikalsk.

Take up boating. This sport has great prospects in the region. Bulls allow you to cover large distances on the ice in a short time.

Take up winter diving and get unique pictures of the lake.

To go mountaineering on the main trails in Khamar-Daban and Eastern Sayan.

Go kiting in winter - flying kites and sliding on the ice of the lake thanks to strong gusts of wind.

Ride a hivus and an aquaboat on the ice of the lake.

Go on a horseback tour through the snow-covered steppes of the area.

Visit the caves of the region. Various religious ceremonies were performed in them; they served as parking lots for primitive people.

The Siberian banya is a favorite pastime of the locals. The peculiarity is bathing in the ice-hole in Baikal after a hot bath.

Rest in Baikal for the New Year 2022 will be remembered with bright moments, magical atmosphere and new impressions.

Kiss Baikal entertainment! People pour wine into homemade glasses made of frozen Lake Baikal, then drink it through a cane, it's an amazing experience!

It is cold in winter in Baikal. The air temperature during the day is -10, -15 degrees, at night it reaches -27 degrees. If you plan to go at this time, you must take warm clothes and underwear.

Humidity is high until the end of December, until the lake freezes. Because of this, the temperature is several degrees higher than in nearby cities. Ice on the lake is formed in January and becomes firm by the end of the month, from which point it begins to get colder. January is considered the coldest month in the region, with temperatures sometimes reaching -28 degrees. In February the wind starts blowing, it is especially windy in Listvyanka.

On the lake itself, combined with the icy wind, the temperature can reach -37 degrees.

New Year in Baikal is remembered for the hospitality of the hosts, the ability to create a cozy and warm atmosphere.


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