Honda was the first Japanese manufacturer to start selling cars online

Honda Motor has become the first automaker in the Japanese domestic market to launch the full sale of cars via the Internet - from consultation to contract conclusion. The new sales channel was launched on October 4, the Japan Times reported.


While the service is only available to residents of the capital, Tokyo, in the future it will be expanded nationwide. Honda is counting on demand from those consumers who prefer to minimize personal contact to avoid the risk of COVID-19 infection. The service is also aimed at young people who are already used to doing everything from their smartphone screens.


On the website of Honda's subsidiary, customers can choose a car model, configuration, color, and apply for a loan. The car dealership will only have to visit once, to pick up the car. 


Other Japanese manufacturers already sell cars online, but in foreign markets. In particular, Toyota Motor and Nissan Motor offer such a service in the U.S. market, where they followed Tesla's example.


Nissan will also launch online sales in Japan, but so far only one model, the Ariya electric crossover, which will be available in winter.


Some companies are experimenting with online sales in Russia as well. Renault's trial launch in 2019 ended in failure. In May 2021, Nissan opened an online showroom in Russia. Hyundai is gradually promoting the topic of Internet sales, but this does not please the dealers who earn money on extras and queues.


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