Horoscope for the month

October will be a very fruitful period, because most of the month will be under the influence of the waxing Moon. And it, in turn, will give you more energy all this time. You'll feel like making a change, but don't be too quick to quit: a drastic change of job might take a big toll on your career. That said, if you work hard, you could be well on your way up the career ladder.


The most influential constellations of the month are Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. The Moon will pass through them smoothly throughout October, making such qualities as responsibility, accuracy and purposefulness extremely important. 


The waning Moon, with which the first decade begins, will bring with it fatigue and passivity. But try not to give in to sluggish feelings. This is a good time for home improvement and resolution of domestic issues. Do repairs, buy or arrange furniture, put in order all the closets - this will relax you and get rid of bad thoughts.

Then the new moon occurs in the constellation Virgo, and you will concentrate on work. After all, you'll get a great opportunity to surpass your colleagues in solving complex and unusual tasks. Earth signs may get a fresh idea for profitable investments or lucrative purchases. Forget feelings and emotions, accurate analysis and calculation are important now. True, Fire signs are inherently curious and unwilling to follow the rules, so there is a danger of making illegal deals or contracts.


The middle of the month will continue to pull you in. The constellation Capricorn and the influence of Saturn will enhance the intense growth of the Moon. Believe me: such strong energy is hard to resist. Therefore, the danger of quarrels and breakups in relationships increases. 


Remain calm, even if it requires considerable effort from you. And then the balance in all spheres will be restored. Right at the end of the second decade, the Moon will be in the constellation of Pisces. And they predispose to the improvement of relationships in the love and interpersonal sphere. People with water elements will be the most lucky: they may receive a marriage proposal. For the rest of us, the stars recommend boldly taking the initiative in a relationship.


And pay attention to your health, because now it is important to have a comprehensive medical check-up.


The third decade will coincide with a full moon. As a result, you may lose your purpose and feel untalented and unneeded. But the Moon in Aries will soon give you confidence and make you forget about the impostor syndrome.


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