How 19-Year-Old Girl Forced To Marry 35-Year-Old Man Stabbed Him To Death In Maiduguri

The police in Maiduguri, Nigeria,have arrested a 19-year-old woman for stabbing her husband to death for refusing to grant her request for divorce.

The young woman identified as Rumasa'u Muhammed,who lived in Wuro Yanka village in Shellenge local government area of the state was arrested on Monday after the death of the husband, identified as Muhammed Adamu.

Acccording to village source,Rumasa'u was said to have been forced by her parents to marry 35-year -old Muhammed out of her consent.

The forceful marriage was said to have been solemnized on August 6,2021,in Wuro Yanka village.

It was gathered that a couple of days after the marriage,Rumasa'u had asked Muhammed to let them call off the marriage,but Muhammed had refused to agree with her decision.

However,the situation took an ugly turn last weekend when Rumasa'u came up again with the divorce request which Muhammed flatly rejected.

Angered by Muhammed's failure to grant her divorce request,she picked up a knife and stabbed him in the stomach.

Muhammed was said to have been rushed to the hospital by neighbors, but was confirmed dead on arrival by the doctors.

While confirming the incident to newsmen,the state commissioner of police Aliyu Alhaji urged parents to stop forcing their children into marriage to stop bringing about such unsolicited horrors.

Commenting on the incident,an Islamic scholar in the state,Ustaz, Abdullah Hamman said that in Islam there is nothing like forceful marriage.

Acccording to Islam, he said,parents have the rights to choose for their children who to marry.

However,CP Aliyu Alhaji has given a directive for a thorough investigation into the incident,and also directed for immediate prosecution of the suspect


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