How do you feel about the fashion industry

My story when I was 12 I remember wearing a ball type of gown to my 6th grade dance it was a little embarrassing because everybody was in casual dress wear however I must admit even though I was overdressed I was completely stunning and looking absolutely beautiful. I did receive slot of compliments the following when when I was 14 i got invited to be ina fashion show and yes I was nervous however I got through. What the fashion industry means to me is having enough confidence especially being a plus sized model and it also takes a lot of practice in regards working with your face and angles while posing for the camera. It's great to have a support system while in the industry so they can possibly give you tips on how to post and work your body as far as just take your time and believe in yourself because you only have one life to live therefore never give up on your dreams because theirs always young women and young gentleman that will look up to you saying well if she can follow her dreams I can to which is a wonderful feeling to have also when in the modeling fashion industry you want to make sure that your doing it for the right reason otherwise you can get to enjoy the experience at your full potential.. and so as for myself when I give advice I do my best to take my own advice at all times because what can help me I strongly believe it can help other people reach their potential as well especially when putting God first because he really does understand you when nobody else may seem like they don't. Sometime in 2016 I started to pursue my modeling career because I was self-conscious on how people will perscive me as being a model in general because before plus sized modeling starting to come out you had to be a certain size and I never understood way.. so thank for fashionnovacurve and for me going to model academy lasted year it opened my eyes that anybody just like any thing can be a model in the fashion industry all it takes once again is a good support system, even yourself is a great support system just by putting God first and believing in yourself no matter what anybody has to say. Understanding that your beautiful just they way you are inside and out to led a wonderful modeling career in the fashion industry. When it comes down to me that is exactly what I'm going to do in my plus sized modeling career because It took time for me to believe in myself especially being bullied at age 12, I never knew why I was being bullied and then it came to me a good two days ago I was being bullied because they knew I was going to do something great also so they desperately tried to strip my innocent and that is why I am leaning on God because has been my answer to help me break out of my shell and getting out of my comfort zone and you can do it as well therefore they can keep looking because they may have then words but they will never have my success story and my Future endeavors and the same will  go for you regardless of what anybody has to say thanks for letting me share my true story. I have more coming soon so stay tuned.


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