How Elon Musk is changing our vision of the future

The main genius of our time


 Self-driving cars, reusable rockets and public transport, which is more like teleportation - even five years ago, we would not have thought that all this would become a reality now. Elon Musk - inventor, genius and millionaire - brings to life the most daring ideas, proving that the future has already arrived. We talk about his main inventions that changed our lives, and also about how Elon Musk became Elon Musk.


 Digital currency


 Everyone knows Elon Musk as the founder of Tesla (and an ambitious rapper), but he started his career with PayPal. Those who ordered things from American online stores back in 2010 are familiar with this name.


 Transferring money to a friend sitting on the couch, buying goods in China without being there, and paying with a credit card in a store even after leaving it at home - all this is possible thanks to a humble entrepreneur from South Africa. Now these things have become commonplace for us, but back in 1999, when Musk founded the company, it was a real utopia. Digital money in a smartphone has become so familiar to us that now we cannot imagine life without it. Thanks, Elon.


 Reusable rockets


 Back in the late 90s, when everyone was skeptical about the Internet, Elon knew that you could make good money on it. He sold PayPal for $ 1.5 billion and founded the familiar space company SpaceX. Space was then something distant, left in the care of the state and astronauts from NASA. But Musk did not care about all these conventions. He created the budget Falcon Heavy rocket, sent a Tesla car into outer space and baffled American officials who believed that all this would be possible only in a hundred years.


 Musk's main goal is to send people into space and colonize lifeless planets. Elon clearly understands that you need to look for a backup plan in case our planet is no longer adapted to life (and this, according to ecologists, will happen in the near future). He believes that in 20 years Mars will be developing the first colony of earthlings, and reusable rockets will deliver people to the Red Planet for little money (it seems that Mars will be easier to get to than to Troeshchina without a metro). In one of the interviews, Elon admitted that he himself would have moved to Mars - only the first colonizers there will be oh, how difficult it is without oxygen and water.


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