How is marriage and live in treated in India?!

Love is a pure bond or feeling which binds two people together irrespective of their caste , cultures , creed , races etc . So to enhance and strengthen their bonds they must have to spend quality time together and That's when marriage and live in relationships  comes to play. In a relationship if one is not willing to spend time with the other and their love life is in a sad stage then they must have to make it live again which could be done by sharing love and affection .


Love is something which brings two people close and focuses that they should serve a purpose in their relationship . So when two individuals are in love , they must have to make a plan for their life together and must decide on how to live together .


Getting married is a more legal and socially acceptable form of marital relation. There is a social validation that is appealing and satisfying in its own right. Live-in relationships, on the other hand, are a new and growing trend among the youth that allows them to live with their partners without the constraints of arranged marriages. Both of these socially built love and relationship structures have advantages and disadvantages. However, being in a live-in relationship poses a number of unique challenges that are unique to one's circumstances. Therefore, choosing to live in with your partner has a lot to offer, but also comes with distinct obstacles and benefits.


Conventional concepts define marriage as the formal agreement by which two people establish a relationship for life. However, in society today there are those who choose not to marry or divorce but rather choose love and live together as a couple. Arguments can be made for both arrangements of marriages and couples being committed living together without the legal contract of marriage.


In context to India,  getting into a live in relationships is considered to be a taboo which h is strictly prohibited by many Indian families as it corresponds the idea of virginity especially of a woman  , which people think is violated when she sleeps with a man before marriage . This is the main reason why live In is not acceptable in a country like India. There are several claims that can be made in favour of the live-in relationship over marriage. For example, the argument is that couples are better able to achieve the happiness they seek if it is not a matter of their timely measuring up each other. Also, many couples find that they do not actually want to get married and therefore do not want to put an individual entry into any legal contract for their lifetime. The live-in relationship allows the couple to commit freely and openly without having to be bound in any legal terms or contracts...


Marriage and live-in relationships should not be influenced by cultural forces. Although one may believe in the concept of holy matrimony, one should not be judged for considering a live-in relationship, right?


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