How mobile are changing businesses?

A decade ago we had never imagined that mobile phone will change entire lifestyle of businesses. Today we no longer wait in queues, a single click and the work is done. Mobile phones had made businesses wider, visible and user-friendly. International businesses are speeding up because no matter where you are you can manage to stay connected through various online applications. After all, mobile has made it easy. 


67% percent of world’s population uses mobile. So having mobile is not a big deal in today’s world, but using it effectively is challenging part. Mobile has opened up doors of opportunities for many small and big businesses by offering them the strongest tool i.e. social media platforms. Many businesses are shifting their focus to increase their online presence. Social media has become the ‘face of businesses’ where you can show your products, services, and website. Every business requires connection and customer. In earlier days it is was hard to gain customers in huge number and the profit was very minimal, but now you can gain customers according to your business need through paid campaigns, online advertising, paid promotions, collaborations etc. Social media is now overtaking outbound marketing hence increasing the ratio of inbound marketing.


E-commerce has solved issues ranging from resource management to inventory management to product delivery. Mobile has brought business on hands. No matter what type of business you are running, there are various mobile applications which reduce your travelling cost and time, help you in managing your staff, track records of bill and other expenses. There are many other applications that help in better management of business and to increase the graph of profit. All you should have the knowledge of the technology and tools, that’s it!


Mobile usage will undoubtedly rise in the next years. We should become technologically aware about various tools and techniques which not only increase the online presence but also expand the business. A successful business not only runs on good idea but it becomes successful when it knows what makes it more successful. So never miss a chance to grow business using your mobile phones.


Stay Connected. Make Huge Profits. Expand Business. Repeat.

Muhamad Ely Yahya - Oct 15, 2021, 7:54 AM - Add Reply


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