How scams affected lifestyle in covid era?

We are all aware of it how coronavirus has impacted our lifestyle . Due to covid, many people have lost their job in this period . They are now searching for online jobs through which they can earn some money for daily needs. 

But Coronavirus has given fraudsters more opportunities or ways  than ever to cheat consumers out of their money. By taking advantage of the current situation, they know people are in search of jobs. So they drop a message on people's phones claiming that they can double the money through the application website within few days . As many people require jobs, they come into their trap and lose their lifesaving money, which they have earned through day and night hard work. But in the sake of money , profit people get trapped in it . 

Now how they function they drop an email or message on people's phone also provide a great incentive for that . In the starting phase,, to gain people's trust,, they also provide withdrawal. The trial plan  is just for few days only .Slowly they bring their paid platform in which users have to pay activation fees so that they earn money . As they have got the trust of the people,, user pays that activation amount . After that,, these companies are ready with their referral system and pays the user a huge incentive so that they can bring more and more people to the platform. The task for earning money some of them are liking YouTube videos , Instagram videos , followers, and a lot .

They have Vip level more the VIP level more the earning they claim. They also show fake certificates and documents so that no one can questions them . And suddenly, within a month, they ran away, taking the whole money of the users, which is millions of dollars . Their personal bank account details , their IDs details, and much more . Mostly these fraudsters are targeting teenagers because it is easier for them to make them fool and gain their trust . Children's, just for the sake of profit, invest their parents money and share their banking details which fraudsters hack and earn money in the next later stage. 

This makes a concern for the country, as many of the data can be leaked . Also, the people who were not having jobs and money in the covid period are bankrupted they come under a huge financial crisis as they have invested their the whole amount in that company just to earn money, which they lost in the fraud . According to experts at GBG, a company that specialises in identity data intelligence, APP is highly effective, trending upwards, and maybe the biggest threat to consumers in 2021.This kind of fraud is difficult for government agencies to detect and prevent because either these are operated from any other countries, or they use VPN and change proxy so that they can not be traced easily. They even do not have any offices. They work in networking and are interconnected with each other . Hence we will only have to take some measures so that we don't get into these type of frauds. 

Consumers can’t rely on businesses to keep them completely safe. Here are some practical steps you can take to reduce the chances of falling victim to fraudsters in 2021

Don’t use the same password for every site and service you use. Modern web browsers can generate super-strong passwords for you and even remember them for you, which means you’ll be safer against criminals and won’t have to worry about your memory failing you.

Check website addresses to make sure you’re dealing with the genuine article. Fraudsters set up lookalike websites that look almost identical to the real thing, save for a tiny difference in the URL.

If you’re planning on buying from a website you’ve never used before or haven’t heard of, check its reviews online and run the address through Google’s safe browsing tool to check for security threats.

Open the site only, which contains HTTPS:// because s stands for security and they are genuine . 

Do not click on the messages which claims doubling your money or great incentive because they are fraudsters .

Never share your bank account details as well as yours id proof details with them . 

We all know it's a difficult time for many of us but we have to act with sensibility and with understanding ,so that we doesn't get traped in these type traps. And money through genuine website and application . 

Don't get traped by any fraudsters in sake of few profit which can ruin your whole life saving money of hardwork and dedication . Check properly about the website or application then only work on it . Because our small measure and precautions can save us from bigger risks .


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