How Should a Woman Behave in a Team of Men?

Be sure to pay attention to your appearance


You are a woman, and you are a decoration of the male team, so you should always be on top. Pay attention not only to your appearance, clothing, etc., but also to your manners, which should also be impeccable.


Correct and polite behavior is the key to success


In any situation, even in a conflict, behave politely and correctly. Do not allow yourself the liberties and rudeness that will humiliate you in the eyes of your male colleagues.


Never humiliate a male colleague, especially if there are others around


Never humiliate your male colleague out loud. Do not do so, even if he gives a reason to do so. If you have a conflict situation with one of your coworkers, try to resolve it privately, so as not to let the ridicule of others infiltrate your showdown.


Don't behave in an approachable way.


Never, ever, behave affordably in a male-dominated team. Even if you have excellent professional qualities, accessible behavior will only cause disdain and disrespect from your coworkers.


Be prepared to work very hard


You will have to constantly prove that you have received praise from your superiors for your appearance, and for a job well done. Be willing to work harder than men to prove that you are capable of a lot.


Be part of the team


Try to be a member of the team, not its leader or hermit. Men tend to play team games and do not like upstarts.


Do not give free rein to purely feminine emotions.


Never allow a woman's emotions to run wild. Let the main feature of your character in the male team will be professionalism. No man will not appreciate the tears or complaints about the woman's plight. Only professional qualities and friendly spirit are important. Good luck!


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