How Smart Are Pit Bull Terrier Dogs

People talk a lot about pit bulls, but you can not hear them talking much about this particular breed of intelligence. The fact is that you will never hear about the intelligence of this animal unless you are in the company of pit bull owners. Anyone who owns one of these lovely dogs will immediately tell you that the Pit Bull is actually a very intelligent dog.


Pit bulls learn very quickly, but they also have a certain stubbornness, which is a direct result of their intelligence. These dogs have their own will and love to have their own way, but most humans do too!


This stubborn behavior that appears from time to time makes it a little harder to train a pit bull breed than other breeds. Some people forget the dog's free will because the dog is not trained, but there is nothing beyond the truth! These highly intelligent dogs can be trained.


Problems in training arise from owners who have no knowledge of the pit bull breed. As with any breed, potential owners should always invest some of their time in knowing the unique characteristics of their dog breed. Owners who get pit bulls, brag about their training, have not done their homework. Isn’t this dog wrong?


As a pit bull owner, you need to understand that his stubbornness comes from his intelligence and you should not take it personally. Just because he does not want you to do what he wants you to do at a certain time, does not mean that he does not love you. If you can handle it, you're both fine.


Always face their difficult path with patience and understanding. Definitely do not give up their training, be a little more stubborn than them!


You may want to consider using a type of training called play training. This type of training attracts pit bulls because they definitely like to play. When the training task is presented as a fun game, that task appeals to the dog's inner desire to play. With this technique, you can overcome the stubbornness you face with other types of training.


When buying toys for your pit bull, keep in mind the strong jaws that this breed is famous for. You want to buy toys that are designed to live a long time. Make sure you get toys that do not break easily and do not injure your pit bull. Above all, enjoy your new friend!


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