How to build Meaningful Relationships in the digital world?

How to build Meaningful Relationships in the digital world? 

What is a meaningful relationship? 

Relationship stands for crafting connections that are either personal or professional. A meaningful relationship is how deep or authentic the connection is. The world is starving because of selfishness in a relationship. In this article, there are ways to build a meaningful relationship. 

Personal Relationship Growth:

A person has thousands of followers on social media. When you look up in real life the number of people around you genuinely reduces to one digit. Humans are on phones for a longer time; a kind of isolation everyone prefers. Yet, their need for a deep relationship never fades. It is not true that we build relationships with our lovers only. There can be a relationship with friends, family, business partners, collaborators, and anyone we meet in the world. All these need some factors that need to be taken care of such as: 


The word authentic means genuine. Genuineness here means loyalty. It is very much important for a person to be loyal to whomever he/she builds the connection to. Being true to them matters. Building trust and relatability is the first step to a deep connection. 


In the era of social media, do not be focused on the number of followers you have. You must focus on the number of people around you in reality. The smaller the community, the more genuine it becomes. It could last longer. 

Incorporate active listening capabilities: 

Being a good listener is a fulfilling factor for anyone to have a connection. It is harder to listen than to speak whatever we wish to. Listening to our connection could make us share what we feel. There should be transparency in exchanging thoughts. It is important to identify the point of view rather than responding with a one-sided perspective.

Utilizing The video and audio communication facility: 

Exchanging thoughts visually or audibly is preferred to maintain worth. It allows more deep communication and enables conveying emotions. Texting could be a mess at times and could increase gaps. 

Establishing balance: 

It is equally important to maintain some limits in deep connections. It maintains the dignity of the people involved in it. The online and offline interactions should be managed to escape the misunderstandings. It increases the sustainability and depth of a relationship. 

Sharing Experiences: 

Sharing your life lessons to increase understanding is important. Your life challenges and how you overcome them can be helpful to your relations at times. Strong bonds need memories to be shared. It also leads to increased transparency. 

Celebrating achievements: 

This could be a way to show that you are happy with their success. It takes maturity and commitment to celebrate their happiness. It is a mutual growth of a relationship that says there is no jealousy. 

Comfort and safety: 

It is merely important to maintain a comfortable presence for your loved ones. It should not be like they feel bored and do not enjoy your company. It comes when you adore them more than anything and anyone. You should be selfless when you are loving. Unconditional support, respect, and kindness are a must to maintain safety. 

Be vulnerable: 

Vulnerability stands for sharing whatever comes to your mind. It could be dreams, fears, insecurities, and challenges. Whatever it is, share it. It could lead to a great trust. It said that connecting with people comes with our weaknesses, not successes. You come to know your good relationship when you get support for your weakness. 


The curiosity about their lives is the key step in unrevealing minds. When you ask questions you touch their hearts and it can lead to deep bonds. To broaden our perspective we have to identify them. 


Being reliable means fulfilling the promises and being honest to our intents. The dependency should not vary with time. The relations stay strong if we don't give up. Reliability also relates to being consistent with a person. Consistency in communication, prioritizing, and exchanging thoughts. 

So, it is all about the commitment, understanding, and respect that leads to growth in a relationship.

Professional Relations: 

Some relations need professional endeavors. These relationships even need attention. Various factors lead to the enrichment of connections. They are classified as follows:

Being active: 

Share your ideas regularly. Be active on platforms that include social media content, online forums, webinars, or blogs. Sharing opinions and expertise can show our value and help in starting a conversation. 

Being strategic: 

You have to plan to fulfill your goals. We need to research our connections. It is important to identify their backgrounds, interests, and requirements. We should start communication through channels be it chat, audio, or video call. 

Stay respectful: 

It's important to be respectful in our interactions. You should be able to express yourself. Sharing our stories and experiences is a must. We must respect each other's time, preferences, and boundaries. We should not be selfish in gaining success. 

Be helpful : 

You should take feedback and assist as and when needed. Look for opportunities to collaborate, and extend gratitude and appreciation. Do not show off unnecessary outcomes, be transparent. Do not avoid their difficulties instead try to provide solutions.  

Be consistent: 

Maintain regularity with contacts, and update daily about what you are doing and what you have achieved. You should fulfill your commitments. Accept your flaws and work on them. Your efforts should not be lacking at times. 


The relationship being personal or professional needs care and attention. Expressing ourselves with confidence is a key factor for both relationships. There should not arise any conflict that a thought was not exchanged as it could lead to treachery. Any kind of false promise or argument can lead to broken connections. Once you weaken the trust you will lose the depth. We cannot repair a thread with potholes. We have to tie knots to fix them. In the same way, you cannot repair a relationship with unclear confessions. Be wise in choosing your connection and maintain it for a lifetime.


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