How to cook cottage cheese casserole

Everyone loves cottage cheese casserole, from small to large, so every hostess has a proven recipe in her arsenal!

I am no exception!)) So I want to offer you my favorite recipe for cottage cheese casserole, proven over the years. I am happy to share it with you, and I am sure that the cottage cheese casserole, made according to my recipe, will also become your favorite homemade delicacy.

The casserole is quick, from the most affordable ingredients (and, I make cottage cheese casserole without flour), and it turns out unusually tender and delicious!

Your whole family will love it and the kids will definitely ask for more!


cottage cheese 500g

sour cream 5 tbsp.

semolina 2 tbsp

eggs 1 - 3 pcs.

sugar 3 tbsp.

vanilla sugar 1 tsp.

raisins (or dried apricots) 50 g

butter (to grease the molds) 1 tbsp.

salt on the tip of a knife


Total cooking time

1 h 20 min

Active cooking time

20 minutes




Number of servings



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