How to Cook Half-Boiled Eggs in a Restaurant

How to Cook Half-Boiled Eggs in a Restaurant


Want to know how to make a restaurant-style half-cooked egg? Eggs, which are actually the cheapest protein, can look so beautiful. In addition to their delicious taste, soft-boiled eggs can be mixed and matched with so many recipes.

Initially, these half-cooked eggs were a vital element of Japanese ramen dishes or Western brunch dishes. Imagine an egg whose white part is cooked but the yolk is still half melted. Really presented tantalizing and appetizing! Well, want to know how to boil a half-boiled egg right?

That's why it's necessary for those of us who like in the kitchen to know how to make these half-cooked eggs. Come on, let's look at the steps on how to boil the following half-boiled eggs:


1. Prepare a pot of water and bring to a boil over medium heat.

2. After boiling, slowly add the eggs one by one using a hollow spoon. Maybe you are still curious about how many minutes half-cooked eggs are the right time? Cook for only 6 1/2 minutes, no more and no less.

3. But before that, prepare a bowl filled with ice water or filled with ice cubes. Once it reaches 6 1/2 minutes, immediately transfer the eggs to this bowl. Leave it for two minutes, the point is to stop the ripening process and the skin is easy to peel.

4. After two minutes, gently peel off the eggshell until clean. Eggs can be enjoyed immediately or put in the refrigerator if you want to enjoy at a later time.


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