How to do Tayammum

Bismillah hirrahma nirrahim


According to the Urdu dictionary, tayammum means a desire to make an intention. In Islam, a Muslim must remain clean under any circumstances. 


Allaah Ta'ala has said that if it ever happens to a believer that he is sick or has come after someone or is on a journey and you do not get water, that is, if there is no source of water there, then you can use pure soil. 

You can use that holy soil to wipe your face and hands, of course Allah is Namo Niyazi.He is going to spare the prisoners. 

(Surah “ Nisa” 133)


Some of the conditions of tayammum are “Know the time of offering prayers”, “Search for the water that has remained in time”, “Pak clean soil on which there is clean balloons and dust”, “First of all, remove Najasat”


For what reasons it is right to do tayammum "where there is no water at all and there is no way to get water far and wide" or there is damage to your body by using water "like there is a wound in your body or too much 

It should be cold” or water is present there but only food or drink should not be more than that “or there is fear of any enemy or any dangerous animal between water and human.” It is considered permissible to perform tayammum there.

Some obligatory things of tayammum


1. Set your heart to do Tayammum

2. Wash your face thoroughly

3. To wipe the palms of both hands

4. (by number) to do one thing after another


Sunnahs of Tayammum


1.First of all Bismillah Hirrahman Nirrahim

2. Start with your right hand

3. If you are wearing a ring, take it off and do tayammum

4. Read this "Ashhado Allailaha illallaho and Ashdo Anna Muhammadan RasoolAllah"


way of doing tayammum


1. Read Bismillah Hirrahman Nirrahim

2. To set and fix in one's heart

3. Take clean soil and rub it on the palms of both your hands

4. Then wipe your face in the same way as you do wudu with water


First of all, start by rubbing the palms of both the hands, then with the fingers of your left hand, rub the palm of the right hand and the left hand with the inner part of the right hand.


Tayammum is also broken by exactly the same things that cause wudu to be broken. There is no doubt that good soil is going to purify the Muslim and if there is no water for ten years, and when water is available, they should wash their skin, 

Clean it well, of course there is good in it.” (Sunan Tirmidhi: 124)


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