How to earn on Socpublic: ways to make money, tips for increasing your income, how much can you earn?

Hello! In this article, we will discuss how to make money in Socpublic.

1. How much you can earn: 2300 (that's what I earned myself) rubles per hour.

2. Minimum requirements: none.

3. Is it worth doing: only the referral system.

SOCPUBLIC is a platform for earning money with simple tasks!


Socpublic overview

Ways to earn on Socpublic

How much can I earn on Socpublic

Tips to increase earnings

Is it worth trying to make money on Socpublic



A brief overview of Socpublic---

There are a huge number of ways to make money on the Internet. Only some of them are suitable for a beginner. The most popular, advertised and touted way of earning money is book sites.


Bucs are sites for beginners who want to make money on the Internet. They give the opportunity to watch ads on sites, read letters, surf the Internet and get paid for it. For advertisers, beads are interesting because they allow you to reach the target audience of newcomers who do not know how to make money on the Internet. Such people can sell their own products.


Socpublic - a typical box with the added function of activity in a social network (to put likes, leave comments and do reposts - for this, too, pay).


You will receive income from the actions you perform on a regular basis: from visiting sites, watching ads, etc. Before, you were just wasting your time, but you will get money for it on beeches.


Ways to make money on SocialPage

Surfing sites. You will go to the sites of casinos, pyramid schemes and other fraudulent projects. Do not invest money in them under any circumstances.

Reading letters. Roughly the same as in the previous case, only instead of sites - letters. Same casinos, pyramid schemes and scammers.

Likeing and commenting on social networks. Here the contingent is simpler: webmasters who are trying to gain views, likes and comments, which is nothing interesting.

Fulfillment of tasks. Tasks are set by other users. Occurs and something interesting. I personally saw how someone collected a database of cab drivers in Yandex.Taksi.

Work is not complicated, low-skilled and does not require much effort and knowledge. Suitable for absolutely everyone. There is also an additional way to make money: the referral system. 


The essence of referral system - you attract the user and receive a part of his income.


Referral system has three levels. That is, you also receive income from referrals, which attract your referrals. Percentage of deductions here is progressive and depends on the number of referrals. The maximum income is 60%.


How much can you earn at Sozpablika

According to the calculations in the enticing reviews, you can earn 100, 200 and even 500 rubles per hour of active work with the service. Let's check if this is true. Let's start with surfing.


I registered, watched the commercial (plus I had to choose what number was shown there). For 1 minute of my time I was charged 0.025 rubles - that's 2.5 kopecks. 2.5 kopecks per minute = 3 rubles per hour.


We are not talking about 500 rubles. You can earn about the same amount by reading letters. Remains tasks. The average rate of earnings on the job - 50 kopecks per minute, about 30 rubles per hour.

A few words on the withdrawal of money - this is the only thing that is well done on Socialpablick.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 kopeck. Requests are processed in manual and automatic mode. Auto withdrawal is available for users with a rating. Manual withdrawal can take up to 4 days.

If you do decide to work on Socialpablika and will try to earn, I'll give you some tips.

Tip 1. Do only tasks.


Earn on anything other than tasks is simply unrealistic. With advertising you can get 2 - 3 rubles per hour. Likes and other activities - 5-6 rubles per hour of active work. You will not earn more, no matter how hard you try.


Perform paid tasks from other users, and you can get at least some money.


Tip 2. Collect constant tasks.


There are tasks that can be performed many times each day. They are the most profitable. Carrying them out every day for several hours, you can get up to 100 rubles per day.


Take for any tasks that do not require registration and paid actions.


Tip 3. Try to rock the referral system.


On your own, you will not earn much. Look at the clip above, where the man showed that to earn an hour, even 50 rubles will be very difficult. And he has already collected the selected tasks, you need for this 1 - 2 weeks. Therefore, in order to increase income will have to rock the referral system.


Remember that about 5 - 10% of referrals bring up to 90% of income.


Work competently with its own referral network. Post videos on YouTube, make posts on social networks, communicate in forums, etc. All this will give you people who will register at your link, and if you're lucky, you'll be able to bring in a good income.


Is it worth trying to make money from Socpublic

As you can see, the income leaves a lot to be desired. Even in the best-case scenario you're unlikely to earn more than 50 rubles per hour on your own. And this is an extremely low income for freelancing.


Trying to earn on Sotspablika only with the help of a referral network.


Referral network in the project is well developed - a few levels, the standard for the books. That is why, each involved user can bring you a good income in the future. Many bloggers and webmasters who used to be engaged in affiliate links in beeches, still have a passive income of about 3 - 5 thousand rubles.


To sum up: you can not earn on their own. The only option is a referral network


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