How To Get 100k Followers On Instagram: Proven Strategies

How To Get 100k Followers On Instagram: Proven Strategies

Instagram is a naturally a great place for brands of all shapes and sizes to gain exposure. However, growing an engaged and loyal audience on the app is no easy task. But we can do that easily.

Preparing for the journey

Instagram has different ways to grow your audience, depending on how much effort you're willing to put into it. Create a compelling content feed Use hashtags Buy followers and likes All are ways to 'build an audience', and in a very short space of time. Each can be a little tricky, especially as Instagram only allows you to have 1,000 followers before you are officially in the inner circle. But, if you follow the right processes, anyone with the necessary Instagram skills can buy followers. Understanding the psychology behind buying Instagram followers Regardless of the system you decide to go with, Instagram has actually been around for years, and has become so powerful that it has become a major marketing strategy in itself.


How to get 100k followers on Instagram

For those who need a guide on how to get as many followers as possible, here's some insight. 1. Engage in consistent posting. Striking the right chord with your audience is what's key here. Though Instagram isn't really all about quantity, sometimes it does come down to how many times you're active. Consistency will help you grow your following base, and will ensure that your content is fresh and original. The best way to get consistency is to work in conjunction with your main social accounts. Create a special hashtag that encompasses your brand and relevant content to the feed of followers. If you're a physical store, create a dedicated hashtag for each event, which you can tag all images with, such as #FamousChefsFest, for example.


How to get more likes on Instagram

Even though we can’t buy Instagram followers, it doesn’t mean that we can’t turn our engagement into actual followers. Every stage of the buying process has little details that make us want to buy. 1. Building an Engaged Customer base Once you have a good customer base, the next step is to engage them by communicating and building an emotional bond. To do this, you must start off with the right storytelling. All marketers have their own style of storytelling; yours is unique to you and will become your niche and distinguishing factor to your followers. It’s up to you to come up with a unique angle that resonates with your target audience. This will help you build a community that is loyal to your brand, which will grow over time.


How to gain more followers on Instagram

You can easily build a following without investing any money at all, especially if you follow these simple steps. It might be a lot to ask of a fledgling brand. But with a few simple tactics and smart business choices, you can be making a profit and more fans than you could possibly imagine. 1. Find Instagram Mentors While there are many business experts who will share their advice and experience with you, Instagram Mentors will actually pay you for your time. They will mentor you and do in depth analysis on your content. It is a simple way to make money from your Instagram account, and these Instagram Experts will help you if you are a brand new user. The best part is that the mentoring is completely free.


The Instagram algorithm

When you set up an Instagram account, you're creating a "feed" of posts that appear to be of a similar audience. These posts will show up to you over and over and will change every few seconds depending on your likes, comments and tags. If you're not following a lot of accounts with similar audiences, your feeds are going to become flooded with posts all at once. And if you have just started a profile, you'll also want to make sure you only follow accounts with large followings and lots of engagement. The followback Along with following a large number of accounts, many Instagram users also follow specific accounts. These are often accounts with high engagement and following these accounts will greatly increase your engagement rate.


Create engaging content

The key to growing a loyal Instagram following is consistency. As Instagram continues to incorporate new features, you will notice brands that are consistently putting out great content. And the secret to that content? It has to be, you guessed it, engaging. According to this article from Adweek, Instagrammers who have 100,000 followers on their Instagram account consume 5X more videos than those with just 1,000 followers. This could be due to the fact that users with 100,000 followers are using their account more. This would suggest that once a user has more followers, they are more likely to watch and engage with videos from that platform. Add a profile photo If your profile photo doesn't connect with your brand, then it's time to update it.


Promote your account

Each day, I see accounts that are getting absolutely zero engagement on their posts, yet their follow count is steadily climbing. It’s the problem we face when we put the message out there but don’t tell our followers the story behind why they should be interested. We often make the mistake of thinking “everyone should know this, so they should follow us” but that’s not always true. If you’re trying to gain more followers to grow your following on Instagram, then you need to send the message that you’re relevant and worth following. This is something I’ve done since I joined Instagram about a year ago. Each day I post to my account, often within the first few hours of it going live. It’s really simple. If there’s a message I want to convey to people, it needs to be in my first post.



Understanding the ever-changing landscape of marketing is difficult, but mastering social media tactics is no different. With a few targeted tactics, you can make Instagram work for you. What do you think about Instagram marketing? Have you used it yourself? What are your thoughts on the strategies mentioned here?


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