How to give your best in any interview !

We all aspire to have good jobs and do justice to the degrees and education that we have earned . But to land a desired job you need to crack the interview . Some people are quite confident about their performance but for most of us it can be nerve -wracking .

Nobody can precisely predict what could be asked in an interview and there are many factors that you can't control , but your prepration can help you tackle the interview in a better way . Here are few tips which can help you navigate through any interview confidently .

1 BELIEVE in yourself 

No matter how cliched it sounds it's vital to have a strong belief system . If you don't believe in yourself then how do you expect your future employer to believe in you . So have faith in your skills and abilities and ignore those inner voices telling you that you are not good enough . Your prepration is enough and trust yourself with that.

2 Brush up your basics 

It's important to brush up your basics in subjects that you have graduated in . Often interviewers ask atleast 2-3 questions reagrding this . So if you prepare well in this section you would be able to answer those questions . It will give you confidence and put you at ease . Along with that be well vesrsed with the subjects that deal with the position that you are applying for . It should not be restricted to book knowledge only . You should be aware about current happenings in that particular field . It reflects that you are aware and serious about the job you are applying for .


3 Know yourself 

Your potential employer wants to know about you . They will get to know you through your interests and hobbies . So prepare well about your hobbies . It's not necessary that you have a long list of hobbies . Even few hobbies would suffice , it's not quantity but quality . Don't put any random hobby but something that you are genuinely interested in, otherwise you won't be able to answer the questions regarding that hobby . 

4 Don't worry about not knowing everything 

Even interviewers know that nobody knows everything . So don't take the pressure . Make sure whatever you know you answer it with conviction and what you don't know politely tell the truth . Be honest with the answers and don't sweat on not answering all questions correctly .

5 etiquettes matter 

Interview is held to know the candidate and to know the suitability of the candidate for a particular position . Hence you need not be argumentative even if there are some points of contention between you and the interviewer . Be polite while making your point . Once your interview is over thanks the panel with a smile, no matter how your interview went .

6 Dress well 

You knowledge and skill will help you get the job but it does not mean that you dress casually . First impression does matter so make sure you dress appropriately . It will give you the confidence to face the interview . 

7 Practice

As it is said parctice makes a man perfect , try to practice in front of mirror . You can take help of your friends and family as well. They can help you simulate the actual interview and can ask you questions. This will definitely not make you perfect but well prepared for the real situation. 

In the end if you get the job congratulations . If you don't then also don't get disheartened . We all try our best and all we can do is learn from the experience . Eventually you will get the fruit of your hardwork . So keep trying ! 




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