How to Install Miui 12 in redmi series?

In the midst of much display, Xiaomi as of late reported MIUI 12 and therefore delivered the main shut beta for a few gadgets. As it's with MIUI, shut betas are by and large delivered in China first and dispersed to the remainder of the world later. In such a situation, Xiaomi clients from over the globe can't encounter the new MIUI 12 form. All things considered, we figured out how to introduce MIUI 12 on our Redmi K20 through TWRP. Also, we likewise curated the 25 best highlights of MIUI 12 so you can investigate all the energizing new highlights.



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In this way, in the event that you are likewise searching for an approach to introduce MIUI 12 on your Xiaomi gadget then you have arrived at the opportune spot. In this article, we take you through the total establishment cycle of MIUI 12 with bit by bit directions. Presently, without losing any second, how about we hop to the guide and figure out how to introduce MIUI 12. 


1. Above all else, you need an opened bootloader. In the event that you have not done that yet, at that point you can attempt this technique to immediately open the bootloader. Sign-in with an old Mi account that you have utilized for opening bootloader before. I gave this technique a shot my Redmi K20 and the bootloader was promptly opened with no holding up time. Aside from that, remember, opening the bootloader will totally delete your gadget so back up the entirety of your documents and organizers. 

2. Also, you have to set up ADB on your PC. 

3. Next, download TWRP from the official site for your specific gadget. You can likewise search for the most recent TWRP work from XDA discussions for your Xiaomi gadget. 

3. At last, download the MIUI 12 Recovery ROM from the underneath segment. 

Download MIUI 12 Recovery ROM 

Redmi K20 Pro (Download) — extra advances needed for Indian variation (see underneath) 

Redmi K20/Mi 9T (Download) — extra advances needed for Indian variation (see beneath) 

Redmi K30/Poco X2 (Download) — extra advances needed for Indian variation (see beneath) 

Redmi Note 8 Pro (Download) 

Redmi Note 7 Pro (Download) 

Redmi Note 7/7S (Download) 

Redmi Note 5 Pro (Download) 

Redmi K30 5G (Download) 

Mi 10 Pro (Download) 

Mi 10 (Download) 

Mi Note 10 (Download) 

Mi 9 (Download) 

Mi 9 SE (Download) 

Mi 8 (Download) 

Mi 8 Lite (Download) 

Mi 6X (Download) 

Mi 6 (Download) 

Mi Mix 3 (Download) 

Mi Mix 2S (Download) 

Make Chinese MIUI 12 ROM Compatible with Indian Variants [Only For K20 Pro, K20 and Poco X2] 

For certain gadgets dispatched in India, the internals are practically comparable among Chinese and Indian variations, however there is a distinction in codenames. For instance, K20 Pro is codenamed as raphael in China and raphaelin in India. Essentially, K20 is codenamed as davinci in China and davinciin in India. At last, Poco X2 which is really a rebranded Redmi K30 is codenamed as phoenix in China and phoenixin in India. 

As should be obvious, in is attached in all the Indian codenames. So all we require to do is, simply add in toward the finish of the codename and you will be good to go. From that point, the Chinese MIUI 12 form will get viable with Indian variations. Subsequently, you won't confront 'Mistake 7' on TWRP while introducing MIUI 12. Here is the means by which you can do it. 

1. Download the MIUI 12 ROM for your gadget (K20 Pro, K20, or Poco X2) from the above area. Try to download the document on your PC. 

2. From that point onward, introduce WinRAR (Free) on your PC, on the off chance that you don't have it. Next, right-click on the MIUI 12 ROM and pick "Concentrate to miui..". 

3. After the extraction is finished, open the extricated envelope and explore to META-INF - > com - > google - > android. Here, right-click on "updater-content" and open with "Notebook". 

4. In the absolute first line, add in toward the finish of the codename. For instance, here I have changed davinci to davinciin. 

5. Presently, click on "Document" and spare it. At last, close the content document. 

6. Next, move to the parent envelope and select all the documents and organizers. From that point forward, right-click on the determination and select "Add to chronicle". 

7. Here, pick "Speed" as your Archive configuration and snap on the "alright" button. 

8. Shortly, another ZIP record will be made in a similar parent organizer. Presently, this is your refreshed MIUI 12 form and you can move it to your cell phone for additional establishment. 

Introduce MIUI 12 on Any Xiaomi Device 

I am accepting that you have just downloaded the MIUI 12 ROM, TWRP and have opened the bootloader. Likewise, try to back up the entirety of your own records and envelopes as this cycle will wipe the entire gadget. 

1. Above all else, move the MIUI 12 ROM to your Xiaomi gadget, in the event that you have downloaded it on your PC. 

2. From that point onward, interface your gadget to the PC and fire up ADB. Next, execute the underneath order to boot your gadget into the Fastboot mode. 

adb reboot bootloader 

3. When you are into the Fastboot mode, run fastboot gadgets to check the association. In the event that it restores a chronic number, at that point your gadget is effectively associated with the PC. 

4. Presently, run the beneath order to introduce TWRP. Make a point to rename the TWRP record to recuperation and put it in a similar ADB organizer. 

fastboot streak recuperation recovery.img 

5. Subsequent to introducing TWRP, detach your gadget from the PC. Presently, press and hold Volume Up and Power fastens on the double. When the gadget reboots and shows Mi/Redmi/Poco logo, discharge the catches. You will presently legitimately boot into TWRP. 

6. Presently go to Wipe - > Advanced Wipe and select Dalvik, Cache, System, Data, and Vendor. Make a point to not contact 'Inner Storage' as it stores the MIUI 12 ROM record. Next, swipe to wipe. 

7. Having done that, transition to "Introduce" and choose the MIUI 12 ROM document and swipe to introduce. 

8. After the establishment, again go to "Wipe" and tap on "Organization Data". Presently, type yes and it will totally eradicate the gadget. This progression is expected to escape the encryption circle. 

9. At last, tap on "Reboot System" and you will boot straight into MIUI 12. On the off chance that TWRP tosses 'No OS introduced' blunder, don't stress. Simply reboot the framework at any rate and you will boot into MIUI 12. 

Experience MIUI 12 on Your Xiaomi Phone Right Now 

So that is the manner by which you can introduce MIUI 12 and experience the new UI on your Xiaomi gadget. I have given all the means so experience the directions point by point and I am certain, you will boot MIUI 12 easily. Anyway, aside from the referenced gadgets, Xiaomi has not delivered MIUI 12 ROM for Poco F1 which is a bummer.


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