How to Know if a $$ Making App is Legit (BEFORE DOWNLOAD)

I know you must be tired of downloading all those apps that keep promising to hep you make money.Am I right? Now don't get me wrong, there are A LOT of good apps out there that you can make good money on. (ie. Playtime, JustPlay, TesterUp, etc.) But who wants to spend a lot of time on an app just to find out that its a sham? Not me, thats for sure. Now my way of finding out if its legit or not is not fail proof, but it certainly cuts out a lot of those apps that waste your time. If you look at the reviews of the app, they tell a lot. I'm not talking about the first ones that you see. You will actually have to dig a bit deeper into the review section, because the first ones that they show are generally auto generated review bots in order to boost their star rating in the play store. Most of those will have  flawed grammar, no picture, or most of the responses will sound pretty much the same. Now if you keep looking, and you see any poor reviews, which will usually even tell you that the app is a fake, then you know not to download it. Most people just look at the reviews on the surface, leading them to download an app that is a scam. Hopefully I've helped out a few people with this tidbit of information. While I have your attention, I will give you a few of the apps that I use to make money, and how long it takes to get paid for each one.                                                                                               App |Min. Cashout|Avg. Time|$ Per Offer |Method

Alpha $10  Funds within 5 minutes Range from 400-15,000 Astra Points, every 1,000 Astra is $1. Paypal
JustPlay $5 Every 3 hours you can instantly cashout, once your tokens are converted to cash Range from 100,000 tokens-10,000,000 tokens. Every 100,000 tokens converts to about $ 10,000,000 would be about $100. However, you can have a maximum of $30 before you have to cash out and start again. Paypal, Assorted Giftcards, Donate to Charity
AppKarma $3 Pays within the following 2 days at 30k points, you can cash out $25 which is cheaper than if you cashed out at the lower intervals, plus it will give you some of the points spended back as a bonus. Range from $1-$30 per offer PayPal, Assorted Giftcards
Cosmic Rewards $5 Funds available within 2 business days Every 15k Stardust is $5 you can cash out, and even though most offers pay low, there are some really simple high paying offers too. PayPal, Assorted Gift Cards
Drumo $1 Funds available anywhere from 10 mins to 24 Hours Instead of points, its already converted to cash. Theres a decent selection of offers, ranging from a lot of easy ones for less than a dollar, to ones that may take a bit more time that can payout up to $25 Verified PayPal Acct.


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