How to learn to sizzle with your gaze

DO. Get a packet of white A4 paper from the office. Load the tray of your personal printer with free paper, leaving one sheet. In the center of it draw and shade a black circle with a diameter of 3-4 cm. Pin the masterpiece to the wall at eye level and sit on a chair three meters away from the sheet. The circle serves as the point on which you need to concentrate your gaze for the next 60 seconds. The difficulty is that during this time you're not allowed to look away, distract your eyes, blink, or drink beer. Take a little rest, and repeat the exercise 5 times. Then move the sheet one meter to the right and sit in the starting position, leaving the chair, body and head position in the same place. Look at the point in the same way for a minute, developing lateral vision. Repeat the procedure five times with breaks and move the sheet one meter to the left of the original position. The next thing you know. If every three days you add another 60 seconds to the minute of staring at the dot, after 100 days you can stare at the sheet for half an hour straight. That'll be fun. In addition, that's how long it will take you to start using your new abilities effectively - for example, using your magnetic gaze to indoctrinate people that paper is money. Or vice versa. This is where we always get confused.


DO TWO. If you were Malevich, you probably would have traded your circle for a new Ferrari. Since that didn't happen, pin the drawing to the wall at eye level and step back a meter. Keep your gaze on the dot by bobbing your head up and down and turning it right and left. Start with 60 seconds, then increase the time in a familiar pattern.


DO THREE. Probably the most useful exercise. It will make your magnetic look expressive and reduce the risk of embarrassing yourself in public ahead of time. All you have to do in this exercise is hone your skills in front of the mirror. That is, learn to look at your reflection in a way that doesn't look like a fresh episode of Mr. Bean.


TO THE FIGHT! Now you can try your look at animals. At the very least, your hamster won't be able to take it. At most, he'll take after the editorial raccoon and run away screaming. When honing your skills on people, try sending mental signals to them along with your gaze ("Go take out your own trash"). Don't forget to direct your gaze to the bridge of your nose, at eye line level. That's where people have the "black dot" that you drew on the paper.


We don't know of a single person who could force a banker to give him all the cash on hand with the power of his gaze. However, it is quite possible to chase insecure people with your gaze, to give your face an intelligent and commanding expression, and to make your listeners take you seriously.


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