How to Maintain Your Light

What is this light I’m talking about ?

It’s your energy and ability to give your best to the world - 
whether that be in a form of giving of what you know, giving of your time to someone
that needs the company, it could be giving someone a gift of something you know they always wanted.

All of these require one to have an abundant energy for ourselves first. Our light allows us to be a breathe of fresh air for those who
desperately need it – even those who simply want to walk in our footsteps – our light makes them feel comfortable around us.
This light serves and gives with nothing but pure intention! It is also at times speaks for you because it radiates from within and from without your presence without you having to speak a word.
So how do we keep this light burning?
I have 5 practical tips for you –
1 – Seek God first.
God is the source of all so if you’re running low, chances are you’ve skimped on your devotional time. If you’re someone that works hectic hours and time is challenging, simply take 10 minutes to give thanks to God, and be sincere about it. God already knows your circumstances so really, wherever you can – get still, close your eyes, breathe – deeply! And acknowledge all that God has done for you.
On a day that you can make more time, incorporate worship songs into your time with God. These minor changes will
eventually bring you more into God’s will and when you are in his will the perks will start showing. You’ll feel lighter, see things clearer and your relationship with yourself will improve. God isn’t this ‘angry God’ lots of people think He is – He’s waiting to spend time with you.
Remember God made you, He knows you – your faults and strengths. He wants a connection with you more than anything so instead of over-complicating anything just speak to Him like an old friend, which He kind of is (LOL), only more powerful.
The more time you spend in God’s presence, the more you’ll notice your heart, mind, body and spirit will be filled with your life’s true purpose.
2 – Partake in a hobby.
This can be any activity you enjoy doing. Mine is to
enjoy quiet time on my own, even if it means I have to take a walk on my own, or sit in utter silence – believe me raising to very under 3 year old children makes you appreciate all the beauty silence has to offer. Sometimes it’s sitting at the beach, reading, writing and creating anything with my hands. I also love making videos – it all depends on which activity I want to indulge in at that particularly time. In taking time out to do something for you, you are saying to yourself
that you are valuable enough and deserving enough to do what feeds your spirit. The hobbies differs for everyone, but the aim is the same – These activities will charge you up and will leave you rejuvenated. It pays to make a date with yourself for yourself!
3 – Eat healthier, drink more water and exercise
It’s important to fuel the body with the nourishment that it needs to function at its highest capacity. Think of yourself as a high performance super advanced machine that runs at its best when it has its oil or whatever else it may need. Although food isn’t entirely
what you need to live a happier life, it does play an important role with how your body functions.
Healthier food will boost your energy and allow you to get more done, so never underestimate the food you eat.
Water also makes sure that your body stays cleansed
and rids it from any unnecessary toxins, also hydrating the body does wonders for your
skin – you’ll knock a good 5 years from your age if you stick to that water routine. Exercise allows the body to stay in motion, staying active has always been a good way to keep healthy and sane.
4 – Protect your light!
Ever so often there will be a couple of people or situations that threaten your light – what do you do? Oh, but you’re a believer in Christ, you can’t be rude – correct! But you also shouldn’t be a walk-over. Stand up for yourself whenever you are being disrespected. Defend yourself when you are being attacked. Jesus didn’t die for people to walk over us – there’s a beautiful scripture 2 Timothy 1:7, “God has given us a spirit of power, love and a sound mind”, so when you are in power you don’t allow anyone or any situation to belittle you because you are aware of the power you have.
Always respect yourself enough to stand up for yourself!
When you are well rested you are more effective than when you are tired. Sleep allows our bodies to recharge itself. I know I am not the nicest of people when I need my rest so I always make sure I rest when I need it, exhaustion will show on your skin just as well as your energy. I’ve heard sayings before of ‘sleep when you dead’ this is such bad advice. You should always allow yourself to rest up, it doesn’t mean you’re lazy, or incompetent, it’s natural and part of our biology.
There you have it! Stick with these and you’ll see how forever fueled and overly creative you’ll be
AND let’s not mention that natural divine glow you’ll start to radiate.
Keep on Shining!


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