How to make a classic apple pie at home

A classic apple pie with only 5 ingredients! This is the easiest, tastiest, and fastest recipe my mother used to make apple pie.

It turns out very tender and delicious. Under the ruddy golden crust hides the tender flesh of the biscuit and juicy, flavorful apple slices - it's just delicious!

While the apple pie is baking in the oven, the aroma spreads all over the hallway - it's just impossible to resist trying a piece of hot, still breathing steam, as soon as you take it out of the oven, freshly baked and hot. The whole family gathers around the quiche! Kids love apple quiche with milk, but adults prefer it with hot tea without sugar - there's enough sweetness in quiche as it is!


eggs 4 pcs

sugar 1 cup (170 g)

flour 1 cup (100 g)

apples 2-4 pcs

lemon juice (drizzle over the apples so they don't turn dark) 1 tsp.

butter or oil (to grease the molds)         


Total cooking time

1 h 10 minutes

Active cooking time

30 minutes



Number of servings

6-8 pieces


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