How to make life easier on Mondays

Prepare ahead of time.

On Sunday, look at your calendar and remember what you planned to do on Monday. Make a list of tasks if you did not have time on Friday. If necessary, pack a bag and get things ready for work.


Don't stay up late on Sunday nights watching shows, playing games, or scrolling through social media. Otherwise you will not get enough sleep and the next morning you will feel broken. Ideally, on your day off, you should get up and go to bed at the same time as on a weekday. And don't fill up on alcohol. Monday is already hard enough; you don't want to add a hangover to it.

Start the day early.

Yes, it's not easy, but this way you'll give your brain time to gradually get used to the fact that the work week has started. Try getting to the workplace early, taking your time to have a cup of coffee, read the news or mail, and chat with your coworkers. Start the day with a simple task, and then move on to more difficult ones.


  Watch your thoughts in the morning

Negative thoughts often have nothing to do with real facts at all, we repeat them just out of habit. Pay attention to what you think about on Monday morning. If you notice that the phrases "Nothing will work," "Everything is bad," "I won't be able," and the like often pop up, replace them with positive ones. For example, "I can do it," "It's okay," "I did it before, and I will do it now. That way you will control your thoughts and your mood, not the other way around.

Plan something nice for Monday.

It doesn't matter if it's a favorite meal for breakfast, yoga at lunch, or meeting up with a friend in the evening. Or maybe you and your family will have dinner at a cafe on Mondays instead of cooking at home. The bottom line is that by planning an event to your liking, you regain a sense of control and create a joyful anticipation.


Also, try not to cram Monday with unpleasant and difficult tasks: it will make it seem even worse. Spread them evenly over the days of the week.


  Limit your social media consumption

On Sunday night and Monday morning, try to look less into social media. People often complain that it's Monday again, and joke about the liters of coffee they will have to drink to get through the day. Such a negative attitude is contagious.

Take time to take care of yourself

Some people need to meditate, others need to take a hot bath, and still others need to go for a run to get a boost of endorphins. Choose the appropriate way or a combination of both. This will help protect yourself from the anxiety of starting a new work week and keep your sanity.


  Assess your job satisfaction

Not liking Mondays may reflect your overall attitude toward what you do. If you constantly dread the first day of the work week or die of boredom beforehand just thinking of it on the weekend, you may want to consider a change. And finding a new place is only one option.


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