How To Overcome Depression

What is Depression ?


 Depression is a constant feeling of sadness and loss of interest, which stops you doing your normal activities. 

We all have practical experience of it, when it attacks us we lose the power of positive thinking, we think we are at the bottom and there is no way out and we are the only ones who get this problem.

In one way if we ask ourselves about it then we can get the reply that in one aspect it is the worst thing in life. Some people come out of it smoothly while others go into a nervous breakdown.

Reasons Of Depression


Loss Of Time


We just pass the time, aimlessly then after sometime the time hits us badly. As if a young student just plays and plays and passes his time playing games and not focus on his studies and other responsibilities then he didn't complete his education properly. while his classmates are doing good jobs he just sees them and feel depressed.

So we must live in the present time, work hard as much as we can so we will get a successful life without depression.


Loss of Money


Some people get so much money, but they just spend and spend without having any source of income so sooner or later the whole money is lost and they remain depressed.

We must spend money intelligently; we must spend it wherever it is required.


Not Caring Health


We have seen so many people who don't care about their health, if they smoke then smoke and smoke. If they eat prohibited food then eat and eat and finally fell seriously ill then they become depressed. So we must give priority to our health, we must take good care of our health, we must give time to it, exercise properly and eat healthy food.


Don't be habitual of Relaxation


As we know that Tension is a habit and relaxation is also a habit, bad habits can be broken by good habits, so when we become habitual of relaxation then depression will go far away from us.


Lack Of Prayer


The top reason for depression is lack of prayer. Whenever we remain far away from religion we will remain depressed.

So we must Pray deep from our heart, and say all our problems to our creator and ask for help. God always helped and the situation entirely changed.

We ourselves can observe that people who pray remain far away from stress and depression.


So we must find out that if we get depression attacks very often or this attack on us after sometime, if this comes near us very soon then it needs some extra care. We also have to focus on whether we are playing our role or not.

As being a father and head of my family am I playing my role? People who are dependent on me are in good condition or they are struggling hard and I am just doing a part time job. This thing also hit us badly and led towards depression.


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