How to Prevent Virus on Cellphones

Mobile phones as we know cannot be separated from various problems even though mobile phones are growing every year. That's because mobile phones use programs that are in principle almost the same as computers. Although it is rare for a cellphone to be seriously damaged when exposed to a virus. When compared to a computer, the entire cellphone uses a very much different system. For example android. Until now android has reached the nugget level from the previous version. However, users often express complaints about the symptoms that often occur, such as the cellphone suddenly lags, the application cannot be run, and so on. This is due to the presence of a virus. What can we do to prevent or overcome it?

A. Download an antivirus application

If you have already been hit, try looking for an antivirus application such as avast. Avast is said to be the best antivirus of its era.  By doing one cleaning.  Some damage problems can be solved although not all disappear immediately

B. Don't open blocked internet

Sites that are prohibited usually have their own virus that can spread when opened. Immediately close the page as soon as possible to prevent the entry of the virus.

C. Don't often unplug electronic items from outside to your cellphone

Electronic goods from outside such as flash drives, for example, can carry virus from outside into the cellphone through direct contact. There are times when before using it you first clean the flash on the PC so that no virus spread. 

Virus are undeniable that it is a big enough problem for mobile phones. But taking some action is something you can do to make your phone last longer


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