How to raise mmr in Dota 2?

How to raise MMR? 

6 easy tips from a top-15 player


Concentrate on one role.

But be prepared to play as a sopporte. Pick the one cor-role you're best at and play most games in it. Of course, if your team needs you to play a different role, you'll have to adjust.


Narrow your hero pool.


If you really want to raise your ranking and not just pass the time, you're going to have to reduce the pool of heroes you play. A smaller hero pool will make you more confident, because you'll have a better feel for your hero.


Don't tilt.


Control your emotions. Don't yell at your teammates or accuse them of anything. The main thing is to understand that most games are winnable, even if Dota Plus gives you a 5% chance to win. If you can't hold your own, get your teammates muddy, especially if they don't give you important information. Play your game and make sure you're doing everything to win.


Watch pro players' replays.


Watch the best and learn from them. Secret, Vici. Watch how they play on the line, how they fight, what artifacts they buy and try to understand why they do it. Artifacts are very important. You may not pick up on all the details right away, but try to get into it.


Understand - you're not the best.


Chances are you're not even as good as you think you are.If you're stuck on some ranking for a long time, it's probably because you're not developing. Maybe you're blaming other players and that's what's stopping you from developing - that's how you're shifting responsibility for your game to your teammates.


Take breaks.


Try to be happy and take care of your mental health. Open a window, go outside, take the dog for a walk, spend time with your family, do some exercise - clear your head. Don't play 10 games in a row. Use your time efficiently - play consciously.


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