How to Spend the Summer in a Career-enhancing Way?

Everyone agrees that one does not want to work in the summer, that summer is the vacation season. But it is summer that can be used as an opportunity for career growth. So, what can you do in the summer to move up the career ladder?


1. Raise your qualifications by enrolling in courses

Educational centers hold a lot of promotions and make tangible discounts on courses in the summer. So why not take advantage of it? It's a good time to study English, accounting or something new that will help you develop and improve.


2. Time to show initiative

While your colleagues are on vacation, there is always more work to do. Be prepared that it will all fall on you. We advise you to be ahead of your colleagues and be the first to start a dialogue.


I'm not sure that demanding a salary increase because of the extra workload is appropriate. But what is appropriate is to talk about your career plans for the fall. It is during the summer that your boss will be able to assess your abilities without the fuss and rush.


3. Get rid of the backlog.

Summer is also a great opportunity to deal with all the clutter that has accumulated over the year without fuss and haste. Once you've dealt with all the stuff, you'll start the fall work season without overload and debt.


4. Time to establish an informal relationship with your bosses

Even though the summer work schedule is considered measured, many bosses, on the contrary, are preparing for the new work season. By nurturing new plans and projects. Take advantage of the moment, discuss the company's plans for the coming year, as well as your career plans. In addition, summer is the best chance to establish an informal relationship with your superiors.


5. Be ready to pitch your project

While most of the workers in your company are resting, you can suggest new plans for company development or new projects that you might be able to lead. It is unlikely that your boss will immediately allow you to pursue a new project, but your goal is to present yourself to management as someone who is proactive and full of ideas.


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