How to take care of your woman's emotions

How to take care of your woman's emotions.

To form an emotional bond with a lady, you must master the art of effective communication. You may be wondering, "How can you communicate effectively?" The goal of your chat with the lady in question should be to establish a lively exchange of ideas and feelings between you. You shouldn't be the kind of person who constantly talks over her or takes over the discussion, but you also shouldn't be so shy that you never respond to her inquiries. Both of you should feel comfortable asking questions and responding to the others. You want to have a conversation with her in which you can focus entirely on her and not be interrupted by your phone. If you want to show women that you've been listening to what she're saying, try paraphrasing it back to yourself. "You seem to love the time spent in the great outdoors." This is a far more effective way to establish an emotional connection than saying, "Oh, me too."

Maintain a physical touch that is not sexual. If you love a lady, one of the best ways to build an emotional connection with her is to gently kiss her without putting any pressure on her to give you more. Touching a woman in a manner that connects with her rather than just as a means of communicating "I want to have sex" reaches women profoundly emotionally. For example, it would help if you gave her a bear hug before you went to work. Suppose you want a stronger emotional bond with a woman throughout your relationship. In that case, you should always, every time, kiss her before going into bed, even if it isn't a precursor to making love. This answers not only that question but also how to build closeness with a woman. The modest advances made over time are indeed the ones that ultimately count.

Do you want to learn how to engage with women who are already authentic themselves? The solution is straightforward. Sincere ladies like being told the truth. It is improbable that a person who relies only on tired pick-up lines would successfully develop a strong emotional bond with a lady. Just be who you are. Talk about the things that interest you. Discuss your job (assuming you enjoy what you do, that is. If you don't, discuss the things you might try to improve the situation. If there is going to be an emotional connection made, it has to be between two individuals who are completely honest and open with one another about who they are. Be genuine with her so that she may be fascinated with you for who you are and not for the picture you have in your head that you believe you need to project. This will give her the best opportunity to be fascinated with you. Even if you think you are unusual, let your odd flag fly. It's possible that she loves strange things like yours!


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