How to talk to people so that they listen to you more attentively: 5 speech mistakes to get rid of


When a person is babbling so that others barely have time to catch his train of thought, it is unlikely that someone likes it. You have to listen, trying to absorb the phrases, instead of freely receive information.


Also irritating and excessive slowness. If you take a long time to select the words and as much as they say, the audience is more likely to fall asleep than understand your speech.



Here, too, let's consider two sides of the same coin. If the person talks monotonously, doesn't accentuate, and mumbles, no one will be interested. It is worth to include the charisma in your speech. But do not go overboard, because too much emotionality and volume of voice can also irritate listeners.


Excessive words.

Include in his speech the so-called parasite words - a bad idea. For example, "like", "in general", "shorter" and other interjections, which litter the performance. It is not very pleasant to listen, and the meaning is conveyed worse.



Every other person has in the arsenal of a word that he subconsciously loves. Does not miss the opportunity to insert it into the sentence. From such a reception speech will not become more pleasant, but only will lead people out. Few people will enjoy listening to the same thing over and over again. People would rather count the number of repetitions, which would be much more entertaining!



It is best not to use words in your speech that you are unsure of. You can make a mistake in both the accent and the meaning. It sounds ridiculous, and it is unlikely that after such a mistake others will perceive you as a literate person.


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