How to wash a pillow in a washing machine?

Pillows play an important role in our sleep and overall health, but many people forget about the need to wash and renew them regularly. In our article, you will learn when and how to wash your pillows to get rid of dust mites, grease and bacteria, improve your sleep quality and extend their lifespan.


Bed linen can be washed regularly, but many people forget about the need to regularly update pillows. The frequency does not exceed several times a year, the goal is to get rid of the accumulation of dust mites, oil and saliva, sweat, dead skin cells and bacteria. You cannot rely solely on the pillowcase; dirt penetrates even the smallest holes in the fabric.


How to understand when it's time to wash your pillow. It’s very simple: stains and an unpleasant smell appeared. In addition to personal hygiene, the service life is significantly extended and the quality of sleep is improved.


Is it possible to wash the pillow in the washing machine?

Of course, washing recommendations are strictly individual and before starting you need to study the label with the manufacturer’s instructions. The vast majority do not need manual soaking and delicate stain removal, not to mention dry cleaning. However, there are special models that can become unusable with one wrong action.


Cotton, feathers, down or fibers are often easily tolerated by the machine. Owners of models that keep their shape are a little less lucky with care; latex and foam are more demanding.


Recommendations for washing pillows in the washing machine.

Let's look at the key stages:



Absolutely any model will do, even with the most basic characteristics. A uniform load will be helped by laying two items of the same size in one cycle. In this way, it will be possible to avoid the accumulation of fluff on one side and balance the forces acting inside the drum.


Delicate provides a small number of revolutions. An extra rinse will help get rid of powder residue and give you real freshness after drying. Spinning is permissible only at the minimum level; it is better to abandon it altogether.


40 degrees is the maximum possible mark.


Conventional remedies are unlikely to be relevant. The reason is deeply penetrating compounds that are difficult to get rid of. Pillow filling is easily absorbent and means delicate detergents intended for delicate fabrics. Experienced housewives advise using gel. The quantity should be small - less than one cap for better rinsing.


The use of wet or dry bedding is strictly prohibited. After reading the manufacturer's instructions, determine the best option: machine spinning (put a couple of drying balls in the drum, tennis balls are also suitable) or hand drying on a towel with constant beating and turning.

What to do with a wet pillow after washing.

Remove the product from the drum.

Walk your hands over the entire surface, gently squeezing the filler in different places.

Prevent mold from forming. Dampness is ideal conditions for its occurrence.


Place on a horizontal surface with a towel or absorbent fabric underneath.

Good ventilation of the drying area is required, the best option is fresh air. Give yourself a reminder to whisk and turn regularly.


Make sure you have a spare headrest in advance. The update process takes a long time and may not be completed in a day.


An additional cover under the pillowcase will keep you fresh for a long time and reduce the frequency to once a year.

Features of sleep pillow fillers.

A correct assessment of the composition will help to avoid damage and deformation of the product. A label with instructions may get lost, but by correctly determining the composition of the filler, you can avoid unplanned expenses.


Natural down and feathers.

A universal option according to the type of processing. Machine drying is available, use delicate mode, 40 degrees temperature and a little gel. Be sure to set the extra rinse.


The categories include: padding polyester, padding polyester, artificial swan down and holofiber. Care is similar to the previous point.


It is found much less frequently than the previous ones, but is also unpretentious in cleaning. The main thing is to exclude hot water; warm and cool water are suitable.


Modern users are rapidly leaving their apartments. We are talking about camels and sheep. They are very whimsical and require manual processing. Avoid rough pressure and medium force; all actions should be careful and gentle. Water no more than 30 degrees. Gels exclusively for wool and cashmere.


We're talking about decorative elements. The second name is “Anti-stress”. Small silicone balls fill the entire volume and do not absorb moisture. After the machine they dry quickly.

Buckwheat husk.

Any contact with water is strictly prohibited. Any actions are carried out exclusively with a cover.


The sensational “Memory Effect” preserves the shape of the head and neck, maintains the correct position during sleep and stays cool longer. The presence of latex or foam excludes water - the contents are destroyed and begin to melt at high temperatures. The solution is quite simple: we put the cover in the washing machine and dry it securely, and go through the filling with a vacuum cleaner.

Pay close attention to the things you use every day or more often. Taking care of your own health lies in the little things that we often don’t even know about. A couple of days twice a year will allow you to forget about bacteria and germs and improve the quality of your sleep. But only with the right approach and following the recommendations described above.


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